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In the words of Rita Ora, “RIP to the {jeans} you used to be…Dem days are over”…

About a year ago, I got these FABULOUS pair of American Apparel Easy Jeans. I straight up refused to give in to the super shiny Disco Pant. My ass is big enough, and I figured, it really didn’t need a reflector attached to it… and then light bounced around the room from it either. Despite the fact that I love Disco music, I like high waisted bottoms, I don’t mind Jessie J, and I am pretty much attracted to anything shiny (magpie-phillia); I was not gonna part with my hard-earned cash for them. Well, not too easily anyway. I had already purchased the American Apparel Riding Pant, with its gorgeous ribbed material (gotta love a bit of ribbing?) and super-cute knee pads. What’s more is, I didn’t pay full price for them… (Long live the ‘Selfridges Spectacular’ event!)

Anyone considered remotely “booty-licious“, will understand the dramas of calculating the ASS-WAIST-THIGH RATIO: In terms of denim, you usually have to compromise one or the other. NOT WITH THE AMERICAN APPAREL RIDING PANT! They are the answer. Seriously, they’re super-snug on the waist, with room to breath/fart/wiggle in the back, as well as being slender on the thighs… Where have they been all my life? Once I discovered what all the hype was about the American Apparel pants, I was addicted. I wanted them all – in every colour. My bank account (as well as my conscience), sadly didn’t agree. One evening, after surfing away carefree on the internet, my good old friend Ebay, made my dreams come true: “Genuine A.A Easy Jeans”, in Denim Blue for £37! I couldn’t resist.. a few moments later and I was committing to buy… The cost of the P&P from the U.S.A didn’t deter me, neither did the 9 day delivery wait for my beloved high waisted stretch jeans. I even brazenly purchased a second pair in black! (Well, why wait twice eh?).

American Apparel Easy Jeans

One year on, and several wears later, my jeans were officially rinsed. Literally. Black pair was Grey. Blue pair was a colour I can’t quite pin-point; but they certainly were no longer that beautiful Indigo present when they first slipped through my letterbox… #HUFF.

I need a new pair of jeans!

Look at them! Stretched out. Saggy-batty. Washed out…with those tell-tale, streaky-stretch-marked-because-I-gave-into-that-Nigella-inner-thigh-wibble-crap.
So out with the old in with the new.
There I was, about to commit them to a new life in the charity clothes bin, when my best friend Abi showed off her new “freshly-dyed, freshly-tailored”, jeans. There she was, cooly cat-walking across the room in what looked like brand new jeans. There I was, all open-mouthed, “What kinda witchcraft, heeby-geeby?… I-just-saw-them cast-offs-last-week-and-they-didn’t-look-like-that!”. She replied, in that i’m-about-to-change-yo’ life way she has a habit of, “Dylon”.

Dylon + Machine + Old Jeans = NEW JEANS! (…Plus a trip to the tailors to fix that sag-out crotch).

So, how about I got me some new jeans?

I tell you no lies… Even my cat agrees, and she’s coincidentally named Blue!

Dylon. Who woulda figured?

La Minx



Hello friends,

Great Old Britain only possesses two seasons: Hot and Cold. Forget the romantic ideas of Spring, the mirage of Summer and the pasttimes of Autumn; they don’t exist! The only true season, for this collection of lands, is Winter. Cold ass Winter, that appears to be here already.

The only thing I love about Winter, aside from the many festivities it brings, is my Winter wardrobe…(As well as getting that Nigella, “inner thigh wibble” and not having to feel bad about it). My Winter wardrobe consists of numerous coats and jackets that protect me against the Hades of Winter Blunderland, whilst remaining cool enough to cope during the commute to work, suffering the Hell that I know of as the London Underground.

So friends, as I said before, I like to take an eco stance with Fashion. There is no such thing as “Throw away Fashion”, in my wardrobe. Hail no. Just much loved pieces that travel with me, throughout the “seasons”. Beloved pieces, like my Vintage Levi’s Denim Jacket and my Suit Waterproof Coat. Both these two items were purchased by me, for my Mr. Man. Both these pieces were stolen, by me, from my Mr. Man, as I loved them too much to let him alone dazzle within their fabric embrace. Both jackets were intended for late summer evening use, but they were just too damn good to serve a 6 month sentence in the prison of the hallway cupboard, enduring having the life sucked from their ‘fabricy’ souls by the Dyson, whimpering under the ‘plasticy’ retraints of the Space Bag. So, I had to come up with a plan…

The Denim provided warmth but little rain protection, and the Waterproof provided rain protection, but its flimsy material little warmth… then it hit me. My “Ureeeka!” moment. The moment when I realised, that I should combine the two and wear them both… simultaneously.

Bam! There you have it. Eco fashion worn with style and practicality.

The Double Dare

Coat, Suit by Urban Outfitters
Vintage Denim Jacket, Levi’s
Striped Body. American Apparel
Double Layered Chiffon Maxi Skirt, American Apparel
Pop Socks, Marks & Spencer’s
Ankle Boots, Bertie
Ear Stretchers, 81st Generation
Watch, Casio
Ring, Accessorize
“Belgrave Place” Nail Polish, Nails Inc
“Chilli” Lipstick, MAC Cosmetics

Dared to Defy Again

Coat, Suit by Urban Outfitters
Vintage Denim Jacket, Levi’s
Cat Print Shirt, Zara
Collar Clips, Ebay
Earrings, Freedom at Topshop
Black Easy Jean, American Apparel
Pop Socks, Marks & Spencer’s
“Leroy” Bowling Shoes, OFFICE
“Belgrave Place” Nail Polish, Nails Inc
“Up the Amp” Lipstick, MAC Cosmetics


Le Tient Touch Eclat Foundation in “BD70”, YSL
Studio Sculpt Concealer in NW40, MAC Cosmetics
Posey Tint Cheek Stain, Benifit
Matte Blusher in “FEVER” and “RAISIN”, MAC Cosmetics
Eyebrow Pencil in “SPIKED”, MAC Cosmetics
Lipstick in “UP THE AMP”, MAC Cosmetics
Blot Powder in “Dark”, MAC Cosmetics

So here is the face I had on today. I have to say I really, really like the Le Tient Touch Eclat Foundation in “BD70” by YSL. It has a sheer coverage and great consistency. I wanted to hate it as it is a bit pricey for me, but I really do like it. I was a bit dubious as when I approached the counter there were only a few shades for the darker complexion; brown, browner, not-so-brown and as-brown-as-you-are-gonna-get-right-now-you-should-be-lucky-YSL-are-catering-for-you-brown-people brown. They do have real item titles like BD70 and B09, but I’m pretty sure the B stands for Brown. Anywho, it has a matte finish and sets quick and leaves the skin with a Satin feel. So in a nutshell (they’re brown too) its good. I felt as if I was cheating on my beloved MAC “Studio Fix” Foundation. However, as of late my skin seems to be going through an oily phase, and quite frankly, its a fairly oily foundation. I set all my foundation with MAC Blot Powder, using a Kabuki Brush.

I adore MAC‘s Eyebrow Pencil/Stylo in “Spiked”. Lancome do a great Waxed Eyebrow Pencil, that stays put forever, but MAC’s one is a bit more within my budget. It’s really build-able and the nimble roll up tip has great precision, so you can outline and fill, in minute sweeps. I then take an Angled Brush and line just beneath and above my eyebrows with MAC‘s Studio Sculpt Concealer, this gives them definition and tidies up any mistakes, (its also great for hiding those just-creeping-through hairs that f-up your brow line!). I contoured my cheeks lightly using MAC‘s Powder Blush in “Raisin” and added a sweep of colour with “Fever”. I cheated a little and added some warmth to my cheeks with the “Posey Tint” Stain from Benifit, I blotted it on with a Foundation Brush before the foundation set fully. Lastly I finished off with a bright Lipstick; “Up the Amp” by MAC is a lovely amplified satin that goes on easily and stay on forever. Use Kiehl’s Lip Balm to nourish lips beforehand!


I hate the idea of buying a really expensive plain shirt just because it has a detail on the collar. Vamp up an old shirt that’s hanging unloved in your ‘drobe by adding on these cheap little collar clips, I found mine on Ebay, there are loads of sellers and you could get a pair for as little as £3.00!

Be Smart. Be Eco. Be One Step Ahead!


La Minx


So, after a terrible diet, face full of makeup and typical British weather, my face broke out. No, not out of my body, my face broke out in blemishes. Blemishes… Just one of the many, gross sounding words in the English dictionary; along with phlegm (f-lem), moist, snot and secrete.. (anyone see a theme developing here?)
Anyhow, so my face broke out on route back to the UK from Thailand! Whilst nosing around in Duty Free, I came across the Kiehl’s counter. I had previously purchased the AMAZING Kiehl’s Lip Balm, the best balm I have found in a long while (Lip care review coming soon). A lovely Kiehl’s assistant approached me and asked what I was looking for, and I mentioned my total-facial-freakout. She helpfully pointed me in the right direction and my eye was immeadiately drawn to the Kiehl’s Overnight Biological Skin Peel. Now… I am usually alarmed by products labled as “Facial Peels” and “Facial Whitening”, as I have read the controversial reviews.. I also recon that I would be the unlucky sod that wakes up the next day, after using such product, to find ALL OF MY SKIN on the pillow…

So, after expressing my concerns about loosing my entire face overnight to the Kiehl’s Skin Specialist, I was gently reassured with some scientific facts and ingredient listing blah blah.. ten minutes later, and I was sold!
So, forty quid or so poorer I left the counter, boarded my plane and journeyed home, looking forward to having a new face and a brighter tomorrow….

Keihl’s Overnight Peel

And I got just that! The specialist recommended that I use the product at night, two to three times a week. I found the product easy to express (it comes with a handy pump), and easy to apply as its got a great consistency. Although, I do feel it looks like semen, I figure that it thats all part of Kiehls authentic biological marketing strategy?… I am sure… Hey, they could have made it pink or yellow or green, but I guess, either-which-way, it would always look like body fluids… (discharge, mucus, anal leakage… the list is endless).

The next morning, my face was brighter. Glowing! As I am dark skinned, I, like many other “ethnics”, possess dark areas on my face; in particular, around my muzzle… Again, another word I do not like. Just above my lip, I have a darker pigmentation. It doesn’t bother me loads, but if I had a choice, I would want it lighter. Not skin bleaching lighter! Just light enough so that I don’t get asked, if I want my “upper lip threaded”, when I get my brows done.

After a whole week of use, my skin tone felt more even, and my pores had reduced dramatically. The breakout was managed after the first night, and by the second, my whole face felt softer and more radiant.

I would defo recommend this product. Its not on the cheap side, but if you think about it “price per application”, at 50ml – its definitely going to last you throughout the winter… BRRRRRRRRRR, *Shudders*.

Go get you some!

La Minx


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Hello new friends!

About a few months back, I purchased this wonderful, tartan skirt/kilt from Ebay. It has a traditional Scottish plaid and has been embellished with these beau-ti-ful gold and grey marl vintage buttons. It was a genuinely super find for me, as I have been searching for a decent one for aaaages. The skirt was an absolute steal, considering I only paid £9 for it! Since then, I have lived in it, no lies. I was one of the only bidders of this rare Scottish Highland find, and I am chuffed with myself *said with a wide-brimmed grin* as it fits so well, and is super versatile! Not surprisingly, tartan is now a massive pattern to adorn this season, so it was a double-whammy buy: cheap and on trend…

So far, I have teamed it with a number of staples in my ‘drobe; graphic sweaters, preppy shirts and lace bodies for that needed touch of contrast. I like to have a mash-up of items that have a correlating thread running through; (see what I did here?) whether that be a pattern, era, texture or cut so the outfit all ties together.

With this post, what I really want to do is to inspire people to be economical with trends. Tartan just happens to be a MAJOR trend right now, with retailers such as River Island literally rinsing the fabric. I know a lot of you will be dubious as to buying into the tartan trend as fashion seems to move on so quickly (too quickly even). I know how much of a jar it is to buy something, make it look original (as everyone and anyone seems to have purchased the same thing) and make it wearable throughout the season… So, by being a little avant-garde here and there, you really can benefit from the “price per wear” theory.

So here are three ways, I have worn my “must have” tartan number…

Dramatic Highlander

Lace Collared Blouse, Asos
Turtle Neck Long Sleeve, (worn beneath), Uniqlo
Tartan Skirt, Vintage
Wolford Tights, Wolford
Nubuckle Platform Creeper, Deena & Ozzy
Tote Bag, Longchamp
Ring + Necklace, Accessorize
Earrings, Aldo
Rouge Pur Couture Matte Lipstick (no.204), YSL

Pop Tart(an)

Mickey Mouse Sweat Top, Topman
Silk Blouse, Vintage
Wolford Tights, Wolford
Canvas Rucksack, Riverisland
Wingtip Brogues, Dr Martens
Earrings, Handmade by-Louise
Spectacles, Gok Wan for Specsavers

Strict Traditions

Silk Blouse, Vintage
Tartan Skirt, Vintage
Wolford Tights, Wolford
Wingtip Brogues, Dr Martens
Ceramic Earrings, Handmade by-Louise
Diva Lipstick, MAC
Hampstead Gardens Nail Polish, Nails Inc
Velvet Bow Clip, American Apparel

Get My Look!
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I’m Minx. Full extension – Madame Minx La Meow Noir… a tag name given to me during my teeny bopper wanna-be-a-dancer days. To be frank, the reason being because i’m a cat obsessive who was deemed a nympho at the time. Now that settles that query.. Welcome to my blog.

I have at last given in to having a blog after a few years of deliberation. I used to imagine that blogs were for those arrogant, wanna be stylists, that think everyone and anyone needs to be inspired by them. Harsh I know. Although there are some out there, most of the bloggers I know are genuinely lovely, down-to-earth, shy human beings, who love fashion and have something interesting to say about it. In fact, it was after following some really good blogs for a year, that I decided to take the plunge and join the blogging nation.

At last, I will not have any of my friends or colleagues, that are amused by my rants and that are interested in how I throw an outfit together, (there’s a logic to it)  pressuring me to start a blog. I have done it now and there is no going back! (I didn’t see a delete button on Word Press).

So, I hope you enjoy my blog, and that you like what I have to say and the images and all that. There will be blogs on my latest outfits, trend updates and forecasts, and hair and beauty product reviews… along with some weekly rants about pretty much everything that “grinds my gears” in an ode to Family Guy. In time, when I get my act together, I will also post up blogs about my photography and the trials and tribulations that come with trying to carve a career out of such a skill.

Until then,


La Minx


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