I’m Minx. Full extension – Madame Minx La Meow Noir… a tag name given to me during my teeny bopper wanna-be-a-dancer days. To be frank, the reason being because i’m a cat obsessive who was deemed a nympho at the time. Now that settles that query.. Welcome to my blog.

I have at last given in to having a blog after a few years of deliberation. I used to imagine that blogs were for those arrogant, wanna be stylists, that think everyone and anyone needs to be inspired by them. Harsh I know. Although there are some out there, most of the bloggers I know are genuinely lovely, down-to-earth, shy human beings, who love fashion and have something interesting to say about it. In fact, it was after following some really good blogs for a year, that I decided to take the plunge and join the blogging nation.

At last, I will not have any of my friends or colleagues, that are amused by my rants and that are interested in how I throw an outfit together, (there’s a logic to it)  pressuring me to start a blog. I have done it now and there is no going back! (I didn’t see a delete button on Word Press).

So, I hope you enjoy my blog, and that you like what I have to say and the images and all that. There will be blogs on my latest outfits, trend updates and forecasts, and hair and beauty product reviews… along with some weekly rants about pretty much everything that “grinds my gears” in an ode to Family Guy. In time, when I get my act together, I will also post up blogs about my photography and the trials and tribulations that come with trying to carve a career out of such a skill.

Until then,


La Minx