So, after a terrible diet, face full of makeup and typical British weather, my face broke out. No, not out of my body, my face broke out in blemishes. Blemishes… Just one of the many, gross sounding words in the English dictionary; along with phlegm (f-lem), moist, snot and secrete.. (anyone see a theme developing here?)
Anyhow, so my face broke out on route back to the UK from Thailand! Whilst nosing around in Duty Free, I came across the Kiehl’s counter. I had previously purchased the AMAZING Kiehl’s Lip Balm, the best balm I have found in a long while (Lip care review coming soon). A lovely Kiehl’s assistant approached me and asked what I was looking for, and I mentioned my total-facial-freakout. She helpfully pointed me in the right direction and my eye was immeadiately drawn to the Kiehl’s Overnight Biological Skin Peel. Now… I am usually alarmed by products labled as “Facial Peels” and “Facial Whitening”, as I have read the controversial reviews.. I also recon that I would be the unlucky sod that wakes up the next day, after using such product, to find ALL OF MY SKIN on the pillow…

So, after expressing my concerns about loosing my entire face overnight to the Kiehl’s Skin Specialist, I was gently reassured with some scientific facts and ingredient listing blah blah.. ten minutes later, and I was sold!
So, forty quid or so poorer I left the counter, boarded my plane and journeyed home, looking forward to having a new face and a brighter tomorrow….

Keihl’s Overnight Peel

And I got just that! The specialist recommended that I use the product at night, two to three times a week. I found the product easy to express (it comes with a handy pump), and easy to apply as its got a great consistency. Although, I do feel it looks like semen, I figure that it thats all part of Kiehls authentic biological marketing strategy?… I am sure… Hey, they could have made it pink or yellow or green, but I guess, either-which-way, it would always look like body fluids… (discharge, mucus, anal leakage… the list is endless).

The next morning, my face was brighter. Glowing! As I am dark skinned, I, like many other “ethnics”, possess dark areas on my face; in particular, around my muzzle… Again, another word I do not like. Just above my lip, I have a darker pigmentation. It doesn’t bother me loads, but if I had a choice, I would want it lighter. Not skin bleaching lighter! Just light enough so that I don’t get asked, if I want my “upper lip threaded”, when I get my brows done.

After a whole week of use, my skin tone felt more even, and my pores had reduced dramatically. The breakout was managed after the first night, and by the second, my whole face felt softer and more radiant.

I would defo recommend this product. Its not on the cheap side, but if you think about it “price per application”, at 50ml – its definitely going to last you throughout the winter… BRRRRRRRRRR, *Shudders*.

Go get you some!

La Minx