So I had a little hiatus from blogging. I’m sorry… Well no, I’m not entirely sorry, as I have a perfectly reasonable explanation. Before you assume, I didn’t have a major work overload. I wasn’t suffering from swine, bird, cow or man flu and I wasn’t just lazing around catching up on shit TV. In all honesty I was at church. Bowing my head before the Father.. Setting a date for my wedding!!!

Yes – I have finally done it! I’ve been engaged to my Beau for almost 3 years already! I have finally pulled my finger out of whatever orifice it was supposedly lingering in and took a leap of faith. Literally, jumping, leaping and schrreeeching like a banchee in church. Oh God, I am on cloud nine. So excited I could pee myself a little! Although, I’m really not sure why people say “a little.” Really and truly, you can not just pee yourself a little, like there is a flow option. Incontinence or not you would fully piss yourself, especially if you are a female. Guys for some reason, are able to control their stream, like its some faucet; they can have a rhythm and velocity; a percussive staccato even? Enough of that.

So I am getting married next summer… It will be a vintage affair, to pay homage to my late Grandparents who came to Britain in the 50’s. Very fitting. It will be a very fine day indeed. I have already been busily-bee-like hovering about, getting tit-bits sorted for the big day!

So there. A perfectly honourable explanation as to why I have been absent to you dear friends and followers… So I’m back. And it’s cold. Colder than I remember last year. Darker that it was last year at 5pm and I am not impressed to be shivering my little ass off already. Not impressed at all. So I thought I’d keep you ladies warm ad cosy with my Top 10 lickable Autumn shades of lipstick!

Reds, Roses, Corals and Berries, will be sure to keep you toasty this Autumn/Winter “Oh-twelve”. Whatever your complexion, there will be a shade – I can bet my bottom (dollar) on it, for you…

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet, La Ravissante:

A Gorgeous Coral. Matt Finish, Medium Coverage. Undertones of Beige and Rosey Highlights.

Mac, Up The Amp:

High Pitched Plum. Sheen finish, Full Coverage. Undertones of Pop Pink and Blue Highlights. Creamy.

Mac, Quick Sizzle:

Full-on Barbie Pink. Matt Finish, Full Coverage. Undertones of Pure Pink. Fluro.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture, No. 202:

True Red Rose. Matte Finish. Medium- Full Coverage. Undertones of Pink.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats, No 14:

Orange Red. Satin Finish. Medium Coverage. Undertones of Orange/Yellow. Creamy.

Mac, Ruby Woo:

Blue-Red. Matte Finish. Super Matte. Full Coverage. Undertones of Blue. Chalky.

Mac, Chilli:

An Autumn Brown-Orange. Matte Finish. Full Coverage. Undertones of Orange.

Mac, Diva:

Vintage Burgundy-Vino. Matte Finish. Full Coverage. Undertones of Plum/Pink.

Mac, Rebel:

Pinky-Purple-Berry. Satin Finish. Medium Coverage. Undertones of Pink and Blue.

Mac, Cyber:

Seriously, Gothic Blue – Black. Satin Finish. Medium – Full Coverage. Undertones of Purple. Creamy.

My Favorite? Has to be the newbie: YSL Rouge Pur Couture, Les Mats, No.14… It is a sumptuous Rouge. I would especially recommend it to those whom are new to Red Lipstick. Apply directly from the tube or with a brush. Great payoff and has a dewy-like feeling, even though it is a matte finish. It really isn’t drying, so those who find Mac’s Ruby Woo far too chalky; this is a great dupe. My other newest baby is my first Chanel Lipstick; although it is a bit on the pricer side, it is a wonderful Coral. Much better than my Mac, Force Of Love, which I found had an awful consistency – far too much white pigment and it just sat within the crevices of my lips. No matter what condition! So the Chanel baby is a keeper for sure. It comes in a beautiful case; with a click-push-open feature! The packaging is also gorgeous; Black and Gold (I feel a song coming on…) It really does shout “Luxury”. This Matte Chanel lipstick has numerous siblings of different shades. Im very interested to try out the La Somtueuse, another Rouge-Rose… and their L’Equise could give Mac’s Diva a run for its money! The Best-Seller, La Facinate is a must-have Red. Better put it on your Christmas wish-list ladies…

Oh Chanel!

Until then,

Stay Toasty..

La Minx