Hey there Bloggettes and Followers,

Dry skin has been the bane of my life ever since I emerged from the moisture of the womb…

…By the age of three, I was a fully fledged reptile, who was permanently cocooned in all manners of steroid creams to keep the shedding at bay. Itching, scratching, itching, scratching… It was like the Crusty The Clown insert on an episode of The Simpsons! Doctors tried to hold me down and bind my hands, whilst all I wanted to do was innocently rip my skin off. I solemly recall how they persisted with injecting me, smothering me and force feeding me all types of medication. Trials of this drug, trials of that drug, I felt like a white rabbit in a labortory. They were at war with my skin; Each and every time, eczema won the battle.
“Scabby Sarah”, became my name for a short stint in primary school. “Scaly Sarah”, was a not-so-endearing alternative. I found solace in Rachel; a fellow reptile, as well as Jade, who had a flakey – or as cruel kids put it, “snowy” scalp. We could have formed a band. Seriously, we could have made some mad percussive beats with the insane amount of scratching between us!
The only kid that got it worse than us was “Scummy Stacy”, who was permanently infested with nits. Poor girl.

A few decades later and I can hesitantly say that I only get the occasional erosion of my limbs. My scalp still looks like the mountains of Alaska but I cover this well. Well, I try to at least. Well, noone has shaken a bottle of head and shoulders at me…
At least to my face!

So I decided to give my legs a total-moisture-lock-in last night; I had enough of waking up to dry skin flakes on my black bed sheets. Trust me, if like me you have sexy black bed sheets, you will understand. Out came the Cling Film. Out came the Organic Shea Butter. I threw in some pure Argan Oil for good measure.
All these fancy-smanshy creams and fuddy-duddy lotions, that smell like heaven and beyond, do absolutely nothing for my dry-as-a-bone legs. My hands, face and arms are sensually soft – body balms from Lush, and Palmers Cocoa Butter do just the trick. Its like magic. But for my legs however, I need the heavy duty, armed forces shizzle.

Call of duty List:

Fushi Virgin Argan Oil

*Argan Oil is great for both skin and hair.. Take note people..

Fushi Organic Unrefined Shea Butter

Ready to Go Hard or Go Home:

Mummified Leg:

Last night was hard. I wrapped the cling film slightly too tightly. Once I’d done it, I didn’t want to redo it, as I am, what you’d call lazy… and cling film is too flimsy. Despite being partially mummified and not able to bend my knees all night, I luckily enough avoided incurring total amuputation from the knee, due to lack of circulation. I now fully understand the term DEAD LEG. Once I unwrapped the fairly sweaty film, beautiful, glossy legs stared back at me. A good rub-a-dub-dub-in-the-tub whilst singing, “Shiny, Happy, People…”, and my silky legs were ready to “hit the road Jack”.

…And then I realised just how freaking cold outside was. Out came the Wolford 80 Denier tights, my inner goddess scowled at me for wasting her precious time.

But still, at least I know, that beneath it all, my legs feel sexy as…French Connection UK.

Try if you dare,

La Minx