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Brrrrrrrr…. Its too darn cold…

Hey Bloggettes! Having fun in the snow?


Was it wrong for me to have stood inappropriately and unashamedly close, to an extraordinarily tall and wide man, using him as a windshield whilst we waited in the cold blustering wind and rain?

What if I told you that we were waiting almost twenty minutes for public transport to arrive? What if I told you I had lost my umbrella that night?

Still wrong, huh?

Fair enough…
It was as cold as the high mountains of Russia that night; my fingers, toes and frost bitten nose, feeling as if they were about to snap clean off. Snow was definitely on the horizon…
Funnily enough, My hubby was back home from Russia for Christmas, just in time for the UK cold snap! He travels afar and wide for work. I also travel for work, but nowhere half as glamorous as some of his business destinations. Instead, I am summond to places such as Grimsby, a fairly underwhelming location in comparison to the romance of St.. Petersburg… Sorry if you are from, or reside in Grimsby, I’m just putting it out there that it’s pretty darn grim.
A while back, I got a little silver fox, faux fur Cossack Hat, from a quirky vintage shop that goes by the name of “Strut”. Strut is a quaint little store, housed in a place called “Stokie”. Strut’s not as common as Beyond Retro and not as pricey as Rokit – I am still dubious about vintage shopping in London, as few items are true vintage, and most items are overpriced for what they actually are. A lot of people my age are buying into the vintage “look”, just buying shit because it’s old and because it’s “in”, rather than buying pieces because of the love or nostalgia of the eras they are from, or because of the aesthetic quality of the material and style, which is significant to and synonymous with that era. I’ve witnessed girls get duped into buying random, awful and cheap shit that’s blatantly from a stall in a local market, but hung on a cute little hanger with a vintage label…. These unsavvy shoppers are buying things because they want to look “different” but end up being typecast mini Allexa Chung’s…all cut off denim hot pants and top knot buns, Peter Pan collars, granny cardigans, Doctor Martens, Satchel-bag-wearing look-a-likes; and don’t look different from any other random at all. You see, there’s nothing wrong with following trends and seeking “inspo” from blogs, magazines, mannequins and celebs… What’s wrong is claiming to be “different”, “quirky” and buying just about any tat because it’s apparently “vintage”.

Buy because you love, and because you want, maybe even because you need – not because you’d love and want to become, or look like someone else!

Now, back to this amazing Cossack Hat…
From Russia
Cossack Hat, Vintage
Gloves, Accessorize
Coat, River Island
Lipstick, “Diva”, MAC

I got this a year ago but never really wore it out until October 2012. Like many things, it was purchased before it came into fashion. I got it because I loved it, and because I’ve always loved Cruella De Vil; and the Russian Princess Anastasia! Most of my style inspirations derive from the strangest places… but most of all that strange place is my childlike brain and wayward nostalgia!

All I need now is a furry muff – take your minds out of the gutter people!


La Minx



I went out for a family meal for my birthday, in a lovely Caribbean Restaurant in Exmouth Market, called Cottons’. Superb food and great service I must say! My taste-buds were officially tantalized… Even my mother enjoyed it, and she is a complete and utter Caribbean food snob, ’cause she thinks her Curry Goat is the best in London – her nose was left a little out of joint following her belly being filled rather nicely. Her quiet clearing of her plate spelled that out pretty clearly. Yes, we had the Curried Goat – typical I know – well, more like the Goat had us, as we simply couldn’t move afterwards. Sadly I didn’t take any photos of my meal with my “proper camera”, I took some on my phone, but thats one of the first generation Iphones (I refuse to invest into any more Iphones until like the Iphone 10), which is as much use photographically as a green screen…

I channelled Lady Mary Poppins, for this outting, but gave my look a little 80’s twist!

Levi’s Sherpa Acid Wash Jacket, Vintage
Black & White Beetle Juice Shirt, Urban Outfitters
Chiffon Maxi Skirt, American Apparel
Burgundy Pearl Knit Scarf, Zara
Doctors Bag, Urban Outfitters
Dolly Bear Necklace, River Island
Earrings, Aldo
Lipstick, YSL

I didn’t get to get my Lace-Up Witch Boots from OFFICE, into the frame *boo* so I’d suggest wearing a studded black Witch Boot from OFFICE, these boots are quite amazing, might I add?
They are current SS13 for OFFICE.
All that was missing from this get up, was a Little Black Parasol Umbrella, but it wasn’t raining that night, and I have a bad habit of losing umbrellas just about anywhere and everywhere!

If you live in London and get to check out Cottons Restaurant, please do, I promise you and your stomach will not be disappointed! I’ve grabbed these images from Google Images for you… (no copyright infringement intended, promise.)

Cottons, Exmouth Market, Islington, London.

“Rememba I told ya”


La Minx


Good Evening Bloggettes and Followers…

Happy Snow Day!

At long last the snow is here – mind you, I hate snow. Not because I’m all “bah humbug” or anything, just because it’s a nuisance. Snow usually means, someone like me is unfortunate enough to slip a disk wearing inappropriate shoes on an ungritted path. Snow usually means, someone like me, having to dodge the streets of Hackney at the sight of school children welding giant (stone-filled) snow balls. Snow usually means delays to public transport, when someone like me actually has somewhere important to go. What snow doesn’t always mean, is a SNOW DAY, where everything is closed and no-one can get to work; that’s what snow meant a few years back for London Town. Sadly, my roads are gritted just enough to permit the (smooth enough) running of public transport, but not quite gritted enough to stop me from slipping right onto my arse.

Now, since the sad passing of my Deena & Ozzy Platform Shoes (I wore her right down to a regular shoe height), I have been long looking for an apt replacement. Much to my dismay, I could never find a platform with a nice enough shoe attached, or a shoe with a decent enough platform, that wasn’t a garish colour or a lurid PU fabric. Luckily enough, just last week I found a pair from OFFICE in the sale, probably because they are pretty ugly, but I think they are pretty ugly, in a pretty kinda way. You know, the way stiletto nails are “pretty” ugly when they are less Ursula from little mermaid, and more Rhianna, Hackney Weekender? Yip.
What is great about these Moon Boots, is that they pivot me high enough from the ground, so that I look as if I’m hover-walking on ice/snow/sludge!

Here are my Snow/Moon/Space Boots:
Moonboots MB1
Moonboots MB2
What’s more is that they are surprisingly comfortable! Clunky shoes all the way…

Over the course of Christmas and my Birthday, I have been bestowed with some AWESOME shoes and bags, Watch this space for blog post about these little numbers this week!
Moonboots Adidas
Moonboots Adidas1
Trainers, Adidas (Sleek Series)

Moonboots Boot 1
Moonboots Boot 2
Boots, River Island

Moonboots Bag 1
Moonboots Bag 2
Weekender Tote, River Island

Sorry, but this bag is off the chain!!! I’ve been waiting a whole six months to get it, and finally my sister has put me out of my misery! (Thanks Rose)

Moonboots Bag 3
Moonboots Bag 4
Doctors Bag, Urban Outfitters

Had this little number since the start of November but its only just come out of the closet – it’s crazy-lush and I can’t wait to talk about it next!

Thats all for now folks, Y’all take care now in the snow… I’m off to snuggle up with a nice cup of cocoa that my Papi-Bear has made for me. 🙂


La Minx


Hey beautiful people…

Ever since the realisation hit me, that the eyebrows we are initially born with can drastically change and alter throughout life, I have since witnessed and experienced a catalogue of eye-brow disasters. These withessed accounts have been an eye-opener (pun intended). Whether at school, at home, at work or on Earth generally, there were valuable lessons to be learnt, unforgettable mistakes to be made and an accolade of mishaps to crouch down, hold my stomach and roll on the floor laughing to. Some observations have been out of this world.
School was the best place to observe the evolution of brows from the 90’s to far past the millennium; during such time, I note that I discovered far more about the poetic injustice of tweezers, than I did about anything else in any other tutorial. Click this link to see some serious examples of eyebrow FAILS.

cher lloyd red dress

Some of my findings are as follows:
Sperm brows – The first part of the brow resembles a tadpoles head and the end its tail.
Slugs – Thick undefined brows with a clear start and end, but a fuzzy in between.
Shy-brows – The entire eyebrow is effectively shaven off and a faint line drawn in its place.
Thin line between love and hate – 80’s eyebrows – Whereby a person draws a defined, strong and straight line over faint and undefined eyebrows. Never understood this.
Pepper & Spice – The eyebrow is over plucked both on top and below – but it’s always in the inbetween bespeakled phase – this brow is never left to fully grow back, but is also never, ever plucked in time.
The Shape of My Art – Geometrical shaped eyebrows that look as if they have been illustrated with a protractor and/or any other instrument of mathematic stationary: 45• lines, open-end triangles and semi circles are just some of the crazy shapes out there.
Face Off – The front part of the eyebrow is plucked – so it looks like both brows are sliding off the forehead and slowly but surely down the cheeks.
Bert and Ernie – The brows are shaped unevenly, one is heavy, dark, and extremely close to the other which is smaller, lighter and appears to be running away from its sibling.
Permanent Marker/ Tattoo Did This To You? – Tattooed brows, who the hell thought of this idea and why? Too many Xfactor contestants have suffered this drastic brow replacement surgery!

Let me not forget the Snake Brows – In the early 2000’s it was perfectly acceptable to pluck and shave your eyebrows so that they resemble road markings; Waves, chevrons and chicane graphics served as a template to many unfortunate ghetto-fabolous teenagers. Can I add that guys were doing this too? Just the other day I saw a guy in Shorditch trying to revive this stupid look. This look should NEVER EVER be revived – even if Rhianna decides next year that it’s cool. Road markings on your face indicate to me, that I should jump in a car and drive across your face, stop, reverse, and drive over it again. And again until you get the message that this is unacceptable.
Ahhh… And breathe.

I myself can not bear to look back at pictures of my fourteen year old self. I mean, why did I think it was okay to pluck my eyebrows so much, that I should appear permanently surprised. And why didn’t anyone tell me that clown brows were just not okay?

You live and learn…

Here is an explanation/guideline as to how, when shaping, the brow should be defined. This right-angle triangle is a beauty guru’s rule of thumb. This image illustrates where the brow should naturally start and end, the height the brows should sit at, and where the arch should rise and fall. This is all in correlation with the other features on your face – use this guide and your brows will sit naturally with the rest of your face, and not an unnatural floating entity in its own world!

So here is a little step-by-step picto-tutorial from me to you, on how to achieve a basic defined brow.
MAC Brow Stylo in Spiked
MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer in NW40
MAC Slanted Brush 208
REVLON Concealer Brush

Step 1: Here are my brows, one is already at stage 3, the other is bare, freshly waxed, brushed and ready for Step 2.
Eyebrow Start

Step 2: Take the Pencil, and draw an outline of your brow – create a natural shape that is slightly larger than your natural brow, use small strokes to edge.
Eyebrow Edge

Step 3: Fill this space using stokes to colour the space in, go along gradually, in the same direction of your brow hairs.
Eyebrow Fill

Step 4: Neaten this using a concealer and concealer brush, to define the outline, correct your arch and fade out any mistakes.
Eyebrow Concealer

Step 5: Outline your brow with the concealer, using just the tip of the brush head, the line needs to be close to edge of the pencil line.
Eyebrow Neaten

Step 6: Once neat, start to blend/work this line into the skin – don’t leave an obvious light line unless thats the look you wish to go for!
Eyebrow Blend

Step 7: Use the Angled brush, or a spare hard edged eye-shadow brush, to blend in the eyebrow pencil. The shading should graduate, and the brow should be less defined at the start of the brow for a more natural look.

Step 8: Go in and correct any mistakes, once satisfied continue with the rest of your foundation regime!
*Please note, I have conciously chosen to begin the start of my brow earlier than “recommended” as I have a broad nose, so if I were to start the brow at its true point – my nostril – My brows would appear to be falling off of my face!
Eyebrow End

I do hope this helps! Use as a guide, not as a rule…

Now you know my secret 🙂


La Minx

Hey guys, 

Firstly, apologies for yet another hiatus. My short little Christmas break turned easily into a month long dormancy. Super Sorry. 

Work was pretty grim over Christmas; long hours, people jumping infront of trains causing massive delays to my commutes and traumatising sleeps in the most budget hotel ever… By the time I finally had some time off, I found myself run down with some super-bug. Pissed. So my Christmas wasn’t exactly, “Deck the halls with bells and holly”… it was more “Minx, the red nosed and infected.”

Then there was New Year’s, which usually means too much alcohol consumption by me and everyone around me. Last year, my fiance and I got so drunk, we had to take it in turns to throw up in the toilet – carefully choreographed regurgitation. At one point – and I’m sure I will remember this well into our old age – he (selfishly and coldly) pushed me out of the way and I had to resort to the bathroom sink. He, later that week, was the unlucky one who had to unblock that very sink. Revenge is sweet. 

This NYE was a much more chilled affair, a friends PJ party was relaxed, cosy, full of fun and we even got a full cooked breakfast the next morning. No throwing up whatsoever.

That hiatus from vomit didn’t last long though, as last night I booked a pleasant little bar called Barrio North for the big quarter-of-a-century, its a wonderful little South Americana Vintage dig, with an awesome caravan boothe. As my friends flowed through the door, the drinks flowed to my liver – after a few hours I was finished, and so was that so-called hiatus. Sorry Barrio, that SPEW that probably didn’t reach the basin and most likely decorated your colourful walls, was my gift to you… For making absolutely lethal (yet amazing) cocktails and having the audacity to have an extended “happy-hour” which my friends casually abused.



All I can say is that until the wee hours of the morning, I cried out for my mother, to God, to a Doctor or frankly anyone who could help my poor intestines from packing up and leaving my toxic and saturated body. After some good old OJ and a fried egg, some painkillers, lots of sleep and some attention from mummy, I am now able to legibly type again. 


So Happy New Year, and a Merry-Belated Christmas Friends, Bloggettes and Followers..

Got some great posts coming up!

Oh and remember to drink responsibly…



La Minx


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