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Black. Cats. Velvet. Those are a few of my favorite things. No need for diamonds and rubies, just throw me something with a feline friend on it, and I’m pretty much yours. Fact.

When I came across this awesome Vintage Black Velvet/Mesh Dress on Ebay about a year ago, I knew it had to be mine. Forget paying out the arse in custom fees due to the American based seller, I needed this foxy number in my wardrobe quick-sharp. The quality of velvet is amazing, and the mesh paneling on the chest and back allows any diva to, “get {their} sexy on.” However, when it finally arrived, it sadly spent the summer hanging out with the other “Ebayers” on the rail, waiting to debut… As soon as AW12 dropped – I was like BANG! All backless bra and shizzle.

Then a few months ago, I was mooching about in Stratford Westfields (as you do) and wandered aimlessly into River Island, no intention to buy anything, just trying to kill time really… and then I saw her, Miss Pussy Galore, hanging out next to some average looking Sweat Tops, waiting to be (wo)man handled and that. I marched straight up to her, picked up the baggiest size and took her straight to the till. This little number was going home with me tonight. I watched the cashier running it through the till; eagle eyes, making sure he carefully folded her into the bag – no slapdash maneuvers please mate – this ones special. I knew she’d fit right in with my other kitty memorabilia, and I knew she’d make great friends with THAT Velvet Number, teamed with a Leather Bomber and my Cat Bowler Hat. Winning, definitely winning.


Velvet 1

Velvet 2

Erm, Mister Timberlake… Sexy Back is ready and waiting…

Before I leave you, I need to review some YSL bits and bobs that have made it into the Vanity Case. As I mentioned in my earlier post: Loving Me Over and Over Again, the Le Tient Touche Eclat Foundation from YSL is amazing. Its a really lovely consistency, sheer coverage making it wearable daily, without feeling “over done”. I prep my skin with Smash Box Photo Finish Primer – its oil free and is basically poly filler for the skin – craters be gone! I’ve added two new YSL babies to the case – Touche Eclat Radiant Touch (highlighter – eye-bags be gone) – now available in darker shades at long last, and Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils in good old Black. Its a good quality Mascara; really good, plump worthy brush and its not too thick or thin. I love it but not as much as Giorgio Armani’s Eyes To Kill Mascara. That is the ultimate Mascara.


On my face I’ve used the YSL Foundation in three shades for contouring and highlighting; B70, BD70 and B90. Main base being BD70. There are some great Foundation Routines available on Youtube. One of my favorites is the Beauty By JJ Channel. I don’t always highlight and contour but I thought I’d give it a bash and I really liked the result. Most days, I just use a Blusher to add depth and warmth, Raizen by MAC is a really good choice if you have a similar complexion to me; its a matt powder finish, so works well with foundation routines, I’ve used it as a blusher in tandem with the foundation here. I also love Moon Beam by Benefit – its a great highlighter with an iridescent sheen. For my brows, I’ve used MAC‘s Eyebrow Stylo in both Spiked and Stud, mixing the two shades gave me the perfect brown brow. To clean up, I have actually used the YSL Radiant Touch (shade no. 6), I’ve also used it under my eyes and along the ridge of my nose. The YSL Mascara has separated my lashes nicely and plumped them up – I have really fine short and curly lashes, so it exaggerates them perfectly. I haven’t quite yet got the hang of applying Faux Lashes on myself just yet, I’m still practicing, but I’m “Hella Scared”, of getting glue in my eye. Yeah, you may laugh but I’ve had numerous eye mishaps – hence the scar in my left eye. To finish, I’ve had a quick dust and blot of MAC‘s Blot Powder in Deep Dark to set my foundation and give me a nice matt finish, a quick sweep from the tube of MAC‘s Rebel Lipstick and Bob’s my Uncle!

Go on, get your sexy on…

Love and Kisses,

La Minx