Hello there,

My name is Minx, birth name, Sarah-Louise. You are welcome to call me Sarah-Lou or by my alter ego name Minx…  Kitty if you fancy being familiar.

I am a Fashion enthusiast whose had 8 years experience working in the Fashion Retail environment. I used to be a Dancer and Performance Artist, hence the freakish name. I now am a budding Photographer and Visual Merchandiser, who lives in London in the wonderful area of Stoke-Newington, “Stokie” to the cool kids.

This is my blog. Posts will feature Fashion and Beauty in the main, Photography, Vintage finds along with Art, Literature and whatever else tickles my fancy at the time.. oooh and rants about TFL, (gotta have rants about TFL) people’s nasty habits in the public domain and anything else that grinds me, that I wish to share with you all.. (I like to share my disgust with all that will listen).

I hope you enjoy!



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