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Hey Boo’s!

You know that I am a sucker for a good old bit of Plaid right? I don’t think I will ever surpass my love for Tartan. Or a bit of a ‘tarting’ in general  perhaps.

The Numero Uno ‘FashFag’ at the Office, dropped the, “…and… *Snaps fingers and raises eyebrow* the looks a little Alicia Siverstone, Clueless?” In response to my outfit.


Teaches me not to wear brand clothing in the Office where I work. He is the PR Top Dog-Stroke-Top-Bitch… and I’m the newbie. Part and parcel of the pecking order I guess. I should have retorted, “Bitch I’m Fabulous! And its Stacy Dash – Thanks –

But I didn’t. Great witty comebacks never spring to mind in time do they?

I love him really, he is so fierce, and he saunters (literally dips the hips and clicks) around the office as if he can prevent everyone else’s shit from stinking. Ever-fragrant and fabulous, ever-singing and cracking the funniest jokes – and he effortlessly digs at and disses  everyone else in the office. Its like Joan Rivers’ Fashion Police but live and up close. In the end he proclaimed, “Oh and sugar, for the record I LOVE the look. Rockin’ the Plaid, I love a bit of Plaid…” I bet you do, lovely bit of Tart’ on a wee Johnny Scotsman, sans undergarments. Love you too boo.




  • Levi’s Denim Jacket, Vintage
  • Lace Crop Top, River Island
  • Strapless Bra, Wonderbra
  • Plaid Skirt, American Apparel
  • Maroon Belt, American Apparel
  • Fishnet Tights, Accessorize
  • Pop Socks, Accessorize
  • Buckle Shoe Boots, Office Shoes
  • Studded Holdall, River Island
  • Watch, Diesel

And it doesn’t stop there, anything with a Tartan lining is also something I hopelessly love. So a good old Vintage Harrington Jacket is a wardrobe staple.  A little This Is England 86. Awesome Brit FlickUsually, I team this up with some Skinny Ankle Grazers, but I thought I would glam the look up with some high-waisted shorts. I have worn the crop top again to demonstrate how you can get more out of fashion basics and inserts. I think a Bowling Tee would look cute also, or a Striped Sleeveless number.





  • Harrington Jacket, Vintage
  • High-Waisted Shorts, American Apparel
  • Hair Clip, American Apparel
  • Brogues, Dr Martens
  • Necklace and Earrings, Accessorize  

I love Vintage Brit Landmarks, Icons and novelty thrifty finds. I’m also a big fan of British Motor Vehicals, like the Mini. My mother had a Mini back in the 90s. Such a cute little car, we were like a family of clowns piling into it. She crashed it into Safeways. She was always a shit driver and I damn the examiner whoever passed her. Nostalgic love for a Mini though, despite the trauma of the 90’s…. so one day – if ever I pass my driving test (I’m sure vehicle-retardation is genetic) I would totally have a little Mini on my wishlist.

So I have also decided to throw a little tutorial into this post, I know that I need to get onto this Video Blogging Band Wagon, but I want to do my first video in October to mark the 1 year anniversary of my blog! So you guys will have to deal with a pictorial for now.

Its all about Ombre lips, yes thats right, put the peroxide down, we are so over the Dip-Dye hair. I’ve always loved ombre lips. However, they weren’t always cool or done very well back in the day. My first memory of this trend was of all the Nigerian women in church: Black Lipliner + Gold Frosted Lipstick. All so effortlessly NOT blended. However, I give credit to trend-setters where credit is due, regardless of the tax I apply for ultimate failure to blend or chose harmonic shades. So I dedicate this pictorial to you Mama Africa.


Blog Ombre Lip final

1. Prep Lips by exfoliating and moisturising. Lush Cosmetics do a great Sugar Scrub in Bubblegum. I moisturise with Fushi Shea Butter.

2. Line Lips with a Deep Plum Lip Liner, I have gone with Vino from MAC Cosmetics.

3. Fill Outside edges of Lips with a Burgundy or Deep Red or Purple Lipstick, I have opted to go with Diva from MAC Cosmetics.

4. Fill the inner crease of lips with a solid Red, I have chosen RiriWoo from MAC Cosmetics to finish this look.

5. Now Weeeeerk’!

Go Get Em Gals!


La Minx



Hey Boo’s!

How have you been coping in this heat?

I have been doing just fine – usually the sun makes me incredibly grouchy… itchy, irritable, sweaty, dehydrated, dry-haired. arid-skinned and sloth-like are my usual summer statuses… This year something is seemingly different…So much newness has entered my life recently; at last I have an awesome new dream job, newfound friends, new hair, new clothes new attitude… y’all get the picture.

But it hasn’t been entirely. “out with the old”… Sure I put most of my closet on ebay, and most of my life in the recycling! However, all what is cherished has remained close at heart… but my oh my have I had some fun and frolics in this sun… I am literally like a cat in heat – all these happy hormones have bought a smile to many-a-face! Alley-cat maneuvers…

I finally managed to get some of the stuff on that wish list I posted a while back. One of those things were the absolutely ‘grunge-geous’ Cut-Out Buckle Boot Shoe from OFFICE! I have added them to my ever-growing alternative shoe collection. Alternative is how I describe nearly all my shoes; I don’t really posses anything relatively normal, acceptable or anything that abides with the common workplaces Health & Safety code.  Just like new shoes I like to break new audiences in gradually; week by week my shoes have gotten kookier and kookier… sometimes I really do think I am pushing it. I wore fishnet stockings last week with leather shorts in what can only be described as something only Rhianna is allowed to wear – Sure, I got some surprised-yet-intrigued looks, but I thought, “F*ck it” – by next year everyone will be wearing this shit and it will be perfectly acceptable!

Just like it seems to be acceptable for girls aged 12 and above to wear what can only be described as denim thongs – the (ass)cheek of them calling them Vintage Denim Shorts. Ass hanging out all over the place. Nah, it’s not a good look. I willl be ranting about this in a later post. I will call it, “Who Likes Short Shorts?”

Meanwhile, today I wanted to let the inner PussyCat roam free by wearing this amazing Penguin cut printed back vest dress. My dear friend Kendra J Horsburgh made this awesome number. I love the black front, dipped hem and fluro leopard printed back. Its like all my favourite things rolled into one.

I have styled this with my new OFFICE Shoe Boots and my new Diesel Watch.

Penguin Full

Penguin Kendra

Penguin Face

Also I am finally loving my new hair. I had a non-so-great hair cuts a few months back. I allowed myself to stupidly get talked into layering my just-grown-out-of-layers-only-need-a-trim tresses. BIG MISTAKE. The hairdresser at Shine on The Green was amazing, but I really wasn’t happy with the cut. Too choppy. I never learn. So I wore it curly for what seemed like an eternity to disguise the ‘chop-suey’ hairdo. I then got a Brazillian Blowdry, courtesy of my bestie, and yesterday had an awesome ‘Wash, Cut and Blowdry’ by a gentleman called Douglas at my local Coiffeurs Buzz Cuts….. wait for it….. for a bargain £23.00! Cant go wrong with that price. So I am super-happy with my silky tresses. The layers have been leveled out and my hair is back on its journey to waist length!

Hope you guys are all still jammin’ it up in the sun…

Make the best of it UK!


La Minx

Happy Sunny Sunday!

So the Black Pound is well and truly now a recognised form of currency. Just like the Pink Pound for the ladies, Grey Pound for the oldies and Rainbow Pound for the liberated…

50 Shades of Brown?

Finally, the make-up industry has woken up to the fact that women of colour spend a fair few bob on hair and beauty; relaxers, weaves and Uber expensive (and extensive) trips to the hairdressers have made Moguls millions… billions even! Surprised? Watch the Documentary, “Good Hair” by Chris Rock and you will be enlightened by the world of crazy black hair contests, lightening creams, creamy-crack-relaxers and the art of gluing hair onto your head that belongs to someone, somewhere half-way across the world.

MAC Cosmetics and Bobbi Brown have been coining in on the Black Pound for a over a decade, and MaybelinesDream Matte Mousse was the first foundation advertised on British screens for women of colour, sure, we only got one colour – being the obvious ‘Cocoa’ – but it was a start. A start that paved the way of the brown brick road to girls like me actually wearing a foundation that near enough matched the colour of the correct side of my hand. 2011 saw the counters of Chanel, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Laura Mercier, Nars, Illamasqua, Giorgio Armani proudly displaying darker shades, the ‘High Street’ brands joined the aptly coined “Carnival of Colour”, Rimmel, L’oreal, Max Factor, The Body Shop, Sleek and even BootsNo.7 have begun to service little brown bottles of love. Sure, there is a while to go, but the industry has come so far. There is now competition and more importantly choice in the market, as well as rising stars having a moment in the spotlight like Joan Smalls, thanks to the Estee Lauder Skin Tone Illuminator campaign.

Joan Smalls Estee Lauder

And after the foundation came the BB cream…

So the original Mac Daddy Beauty Balm – Clarins’ Beauty Flash Balm – somewhat (in the commercial retail UK Market) gave birth to BB (beauty or blemish balm) madness. Every advert is now about BB creams, and now CC (colour correction) creams have also taken over the networks intermission schedules. Im waiting for an A-Z of beauty creams to plague us all… I’ve already started thinking about what the abbreviations will stand for. But lets face it, all alphabetical jibes aside – EVERY WOMAN NEEDS A BB CREAM.

The Beautiful Iman now has launched an awesome little range of BB creams for darker complexions with IMAN Cosmetics.


I was sent two shades to try from the BB range: Earth Deep and Earth Medium. I reckoned that I would be (as usual) awkwardly inbetween shades but Earth Medium was pretty much spot on; It definitely has the dewy consistency of a BB cream, but has the colour match properties of a foundation; very strong pigment, and this BB cream did even the darker areas of my face. There are six shades available, Sand Light, Sand Medium, Clay Medium, Clay Deep and Earth Medium and Earth Deep.


Although I don’t like my face being too shiny, I did want this IMAN BB Cream to replace a moisturizer – as the two shouldn’t be used in conjunction. Unless you want your face to appear to be melting off of course.I swept some loose powder over my face just to take the sheen down a tad. The SPF 15 is an added bonus, women of colour tend not to think about sun protection. Yeah I said it. I love the sun, but suffer from heat rash and eczema, I also want everlasting youth or at least the appearance of it, so having a healthy relationship with the sun is important.

The other bonus is, the coverage; although sheer, its perfect for that everyday look, you know, that “Oh radiant? Me? I just rolled out of bed looking this good without having to slap on inches of foundation…” look. So I will certainly be packing this in my holiday bag. Sun Cream, Foundation and Moisturizer all in one! More space for hair stuff yay! Although I found I really had to work-in the product (unlike other glide on/glide off BB’s), I found that once dry, the product didn’t transfer onto my hand, my pillow, my Iphone, other peoples cheeks or rub off onto the cats! Result!

Me pictured with IMAN BB Cream in Earth Medium




I am definitely a Happy (Lindt Chocolate) Bunny.

Now the retail price is a little high end at $20 (£14), but it is IMAN after all ladies. It is also a BB cream catered for women of colour too… there are some other high end, lower end and mid price-point choices from Smashbox, Gosh, Sleek and Maybeline… however the shade variety market-wide is a little limited/diminutive. So until the rest of the industry catches up with a product good enough to rival IMANS, y’all know what y’all need to do!


La Minx


Hey Guys and Dolls….

So I jumped on that Rihanna Bajan Bandwagon.. Yep. Yes-siree-bob. Yeezy. Yizzur. Giggedy. I did.

Well, more of I jumped on my usual MAC ‘limited edition’ wagon, I missed out on the ‘Orange Collection‘ and the ‘Archie’s Gals‘, so I felt rather justified in adding my Caribbean Flavoured Bad Gal, to the ‘must have‘ list. Also, as everyone some may know, I am rather competitive in spirit. You should see me on Ebay; Hawk-like in expression, Scavenger-like in technique and Magpie-like in mindset. When a bidding war is on, I get all kinda 50 shades of excited; heart-rate increases, beads of sweat form at my brow, breathing quickens, fingers at the ready… Boom! Got-cha!


So obviously, when I got wind of the chaotic web-portal madness the RiRi fans in the USA were subjected to, I was on my A-Game.

Now people, I rarely set an alarm for anything other than work… but as the unemployed status liberated me from the phone-smashingly-irritating chime of the Iphone alarm, I thought I would put it to good use by setting a 11.50am reminder. Ready and set for the 12pm-sharp launch (which was not running on GMT as we know it, but as us folk like to call, “Ghana Maybe Time.” A whole 7 minutes late…. *Cue the “Ain’t Nobody Got Time Fo Dat!” crazy mama* I had like four web windows open on MAC Cosmetics site simultaneously! I was super serious about getting the much anticipated goods…and with minimal struggle I did. I found it strangely easy (much to the bemusement of unlucky bidders), just clicked ‘I Want’ on all three Lipsticks, added to basket, and checked out. Piss easy. So easy I had the audacity to sign in again, and add the muchly-sought-after Heaux Lipstick to my cart again! Score. “I’m Up All Morning To Get Lucky”.

Saturday Morning arrived and with it came my MAC goodies! All packaged sweetly in a lovely black parcel. However, I would have thought MAC would have made their usual fuss with the packaging. I was a little perturbed to find my lipsticks in a ‘basic’ carton – I mean, RiRi herself is always going on about, “Basic Bitches!” So I’m here like, “really?”


Still, the lipsticks are pretty dang divarish!




The lipsticks are all Matt in finish, a little drier than the usual matt shades from MAC. However the staying power is to MAC‘s usual standard. The shades are a good selection – however, I don’t think they are very “Rihanna” – RiRi Woo? Yes. The other two? No not really.. The lavender hue is very Katy Perry, and the Heaux would have been more dramatic with a darker undertone… but then it would be too similar to the goth-friendly Yung Rapunxel from Miss Banks… I would have also imagined RiRi to have an orange rather than pink/purple, but then again, MAC probably didn’t really want to dilute the impact of their Orange Collection. Other than that, the shades are awesome, I don’t really have anything like Heaux – the fasting selling shade – but I do have Up The Amp, which is a satin finish dupe of RiRi Boy, and of course, like every other lipstick lady out there, I already possess Ruby Woo in my collection. Obviously. RiRi Woo is slightly bluer in tone, which is softer on my skin tone and perhaps on alabaster complexions too.

Can’t wait to showcase these with some outfits… Perhaps even pop some champagne to celebrate… Got a few things to celebrate…

Pour it up pour it up…

Admittedly, Champagne gets me drunk. Fast. I have a liver-damagingly-high-tolerance to alcohol, but Champagne is my Kryptonite.

Still… I be up all night to get lucky. *Cue stupid Pharrell Dance*


La Minx


Hey Bloggettes, Friends and Followers

Black. Cats. Velvet. Those are a few of my favorite things. No need for diamonds and rubies, just throw me something with a feline friend on it, and I’m pretty much yours. Fact.

When I came across this awesome Vintage Black Velvet/Mesh Dress on Ebay about a year ago, I knew it had to be mine. Forget paying out the arse in custom fees due to the American based seller, I needed this foxy number in my wardrobe quick-sharp. The quality of velvet is amazing, and the mesh paneling on the chest and back allows any diva to, “get {their} sexy on.” However, when it finally arrived, it sadly spent the summer hanging out with the other “Ebayers” on the rail, waiting to debut… As soon as AW12 dropped – I was like BANG! All backless bra and shizzle.

Then a few months ago, I was mooching about in Stratford Westfields (as you do) and wandered aimlessly into River Island, no intention to buy anything, just trying to kill time really… and then I saw her, Miss Pussy Galore, hanging out next to some average looking Sweat Tops, waiting to be (wo)man handled and that. I marched straight up to her, picked up the baggiest size and took her straight to the till. This little number was going home with me tonight. I watched the cashier running it through the till; eagle eyes, making sure he carefully folded her into the bag – no slapdash maneuvers please mate – this ones special. I knew she’d fit right in with my other kitty memorabilia, and I knew she’d make great friends with THAT Velvet Number, teamed with a Leather Bomber and my Cat Bowler Hat. Winning, definitely winning.


Velvet 1

Velvet 2

Erm, Mister Timberlake… Sexy Back is ready and waiting…

Before I leave you, I need to review some YSL bits and bobs that have made it into the Vanity Case. As I mentioned in my earlier post: Loving Me Over and Over Again, the Le Tient Touche Eclat Foundation from YSL is amazing. Its a really lovely consistency, sheer coverage making it wearable daily, without feeling “over done”. I prep my skin with Smash Box Photo Finish Primer – its oil free and is basically poly filler for the skin – craters be gone! I’ve added two new YSL babies to the case – Touche Eclat Radiant Touch (highlighter – eye-bags be gone) – now available in darker shades at long last, and Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils in good old Black. Its a good quality Mascara; really good, plump worthy brush and its not too thick or thin. I love it but not as much as Giorgio Armani’s Eyes To Kill Mascara. That is the ultimate Mascara.


On my face I’ve used the YSL Foundation in three shades for contouring and highlighting; B70, BD70 and B90. Main base being BD70. There are some great Foundation Routines available on Youtube. One of my favorites is the Beauty By JJ Channel. I don’t always highlight and contour but I thought I’d give it a bash and I really liked the result. Most days, I just use a Blusher to add depth and warmth, Raizen by MAC is a really good choice if you have a similar complexion to me; its a matt powder finish, so works well with foundation routines, I’ve used it as a blusher in tandem with the foundation here. I also love Moon Beam by Benefit – its a great highlighter with an iridescent sheen. For my brows, I’ve used MAC‘s Eyebrow Stylo in both Spiked and Stud, mixing the two shades gave me the perfect brown brow. To clean up, I have actually used the YSL Radiant Touch (shade no. 6), I’ve also used it under my eyes and along the ridge of my nose. The YSL Mascara has separated my lashes nicely and plumped them up – I have really fine short and curly lashes, so it exaggerates them perfectly. I haven’t quite yet got the hang of applying Faux Lashes on myself just yet, I’m still practicing, but I’m “Hella Scared”, of getting glue in my eye. Yeah, you may laugh but I’ve had numerous eye mishaps – hence the scar in my left eye. To finish, I’ve had a quick dust and blot of MAC‘s Blot Powder in Deep Dark to set my foundation and give me a nice matt finish, a quick sweep from the tube of MAC‘s Rebel Lipstick and Bob’s my Uncle!

Go on, get your sexy on…

Love and Kisses,

La Minx


Hey Bloggettes, Followers and Friends!

I’m back in the act with a review or two for you…Seeing as its been a hot minute since my last beauty post, I thought I’d replenish your thirsts with a little beauty outburst!

I’ve long looked after my face, ever since I recovered from the crater-face my eczema left me with. I’m super conscious about what (and who) I allow to touch my face, a little OCD about germs and the polluted London air… and London people in general. Its not that I am vain or anything, yeah, admittedly I think my face is alright and that, but yeah I also happen to recall the times my face was not so alright *fights back the memories of scabby skin*. Where most girls invest in £300 worth of shoes a year, (some a season, and some a month) I probably spend that amount annually on skin-care (don’t judge me). My theory is pure and simple: You only have one skin, but you can have many shoes. I’d rather spend the cash on my hair and beauty products, although I don’t really believe in buying vast amounts of cheap shoes – bags? Perhaps. But shoes?… no, I believe shoes require decent investment, unless you care to invest in bunion surgery instead of course. Each to their own.

Onto the skin care. I always get asked what my skin care secrets are, how I combat skin problems and remain youthful looking. No my response is not “Black don’t crack!”. My response is this: Fresh air, nutrition and diet, hydration and sleep! However, I understand that sometimes that alone is just not enough without the supplement of a good product regime. As you wise owls know: Different products have different active ingredients that serve a variety of purposes. I’m a bit of a herbalist (no narcotic based racial stereotypes please) and know a lot about natural products and their benefits. So when looking for products available on the market for skin care, I know exactly what it is I’m looking for. Pretty packaging just doesn’t cut it; A pretty face sometimes requires the stinkiest, ugliest and rawest of products! I’ve been lucky enough to try and test A LOT of products over the years, and by now I have managed to collate a Beauty Best Buy List for you guys!

Best Moisturizer: Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Cream


This moisturizer is like a second skin; it is soft without being oily and leaves no residue. It glides on and is not too thick and leaves skin moisturized for the entire day. Its not too gloopy and allows pores to breath; very ideal if you have combination skin. It is also ideal if you wear a lot of make-up as it really allows pores to breath. Leaves a radiant but not too reflective sheen on your face. You get a lot of product in this tub, the only thing I would say is a downer is that the tub is a nuisance. This gel is so watery that it can slip out of the hand or tub easily – I’ve already mentioned the consistency of Kiehl’s products in earlier review (hehe) when you open the tub you’ll know what I mean… This would be perfect with a ‘pump’ canister to control the fluidity of this product with more ease. Apart from that, its perfect. Dry skin? I’d suggest Clarins Hydra-Quench Cream.

Best Facial Wash: Vichy Normaderm Deep Cleansing Gel

3300076_0001-zoomProdNeeding that squeaky clean feeling after a wash? Yep this is your answer. Lathers up lovely and a little goes a long way; just a pearl sized amount with the addition of water between your palms and you are good to go. Very efficient in unclogging pores and removing impurities skin deep. Although it contains astringents, its soap free, so keeps skin smooth and soft whilst cleansing away dirt and grime! Really recommended for those battling acne as part of wash – cleanse – tone routine. You will see results almost immediately – skin will feel tighter and cleaner after just one wash.

Best Exfoliation: Sanctuary Spa Brighting Facial Radiance Exfoliator

3206-radiance-exfoliator.jpg_2I needed an exfoliator that was vigorous enough to buff my skin to sumptuous degree without feeling like I was scrubbing my face raw with sandpaper. I have tried so many – including going through the ball-ache effort of making my own. I absolutely love the Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub for body, so much so that I even tried using it on my face! After getting past the apparent desperation and finally doing some careful research, I discovered they do a facial range – well duh? Smells heavenly and leaves skin feeling so, so, so buff…

Best for Removing Make-up: Clarins Cleansing Milk with Alpine

120870_fpx.tifLet me tell you a little secret about this product… So I was using this as a cleanser for about three months, finding it leaves skin so sparkling and clean… but with a residue left behind like ice-cream around a child’s mouth. Then I decided to re-read the directions and realised that you are actually meant to rinse the product off of your face. Ahh, that’ll be it then. I’ve found though that it does do wonders at removing make-up, the clumpiest of mascara’s and the dreaded waterproof eyeliner quiver and shake at the site of this gem!

Best fCleanser: Kiehl’s Calendular Herbal Extract Toner


Before any smart alec’s start, I AM aware that this is indeed a toner. However, the Calendula ingredient also has superb cleansing properties also. It doesn’t tighten the facial skin as most toners do. It softens the skin and is ace at removing the day or nights build up of oils on the surface of your face. There’s a great deal of actual Calendula extract in every bottle, so you really feel like your skin is getting one of natures little treats! My blemishes have been kept at bay ever since I started using this six months ago. It all started off with a 30ml tester – Kiehl’s always gives away fantastic sized “samples” with every large purchase! Its to get suckers like me well and truly hooked and committed! Its worth the mid-market price and the Kielh’s specialists are well and truly trained in all things SKIN.

Best Toner: Kiehl’s Acai Damage-Protecting Toning Mist


…and here’s the toner. With an astomizing pump to spray a fine air-like mist onto the face evenly. I find that spraying a toner is better than that of rubbing toning solution into the skin. Rubbing and sweeping is great for cleansing, but with toning you are not really trying to get anything off of your face, more applying a film of product onto it. So, the pump makes sense. It feels really cool and refreshing and skin definitely will feel tighter and more supple after application. It has a sharp, zesty smell, leaves no sticky residue and so long as you remember to close your eyes when spritzing – you’ll be good to go.

Best Treatment: Clarins Blue Orchid (Huille Orchidee Bleue) Face Treatment Oil

soin-huile-orchidee-bleue-liquide-jaune-clarins-390158390-174843This feels so, so good. Rubs into the skin like a hot oil massage. Smells heavenly – if you happen to like that Camomile, floral smell. I happen to have disassociated that smell with the trauma of Chicken Pox, I now find it relaxing and comforting. This is meant to remain on the face for about five – ten minutes before removing. However, I use it over night once a month – twice a fortnight in the winter, to revive dull skin and hydrate dry skin during colder months. You will wake with brighter, softer and more youthful looking skin. Fact.

Best Facial Mask: Body Shop Seaweed Iconic Clay Mask

The Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask-500x500I find face masks are hard to rate. Its more down to what properties in a mask you are looking for, and results you want to achieve and well, personal taste. Whether you want a peel off or wash off, relaxing or vitalizing, or hydrating or oil-stripping… its down to the individuals’ needs. This one from the body shop is a bit of an all round treat; it’s great for that last ditch effort before a night out. It strips the skins of impurities; leaving skin softer and cleaner after use. However, its not too drying; skin feels balanced and pores feel tight and unclogged. I really like this mask, there is so much product in this pot, so get the girls over for a pamper session. Movies, Popcorn and PJ’s to the ready….

Best Spot Treatment: Orgins Super Spot Treatment


This is AMAZING. I remember feeling hard done by, handing over my hard earned cash for this diddly little squirt. Oh but what power this small potent little bottle possesses! On clean skin, apply directly onto the required area, it will feel a little like Bonjella (I have wondered whether it is in-fact Bonjella – that would be a bump – pun intended) both tingly and drying. It cleanses and dries out the blemish, the gel-like substance covers and protects against any dirt and grime from getting into the porous spot. It targets that area with all its wonderful cleansing properties. If you have pale skin, you’ll notice the reddened aggravated area of skin, settles soon after application of the Super Spot Remover. If you have a mammoth of a spot, all lovely and pus filled – you will notice that it shrinks significantly in size, the cooling properties will soothe the blemish. This is quite literally, seriously cool stuff.

Best Radiance Serum: Creme De La Mer Radiant Serum


Before you say it, I know this product breaks the bank. However, I have been lucky enough to score 20ml worth of samples to try it out for long enough to rate it. One day, I will totally invest in the amazing Radiant Serum. I used to be under the impression that radiance equalled shiny. Wrong. Radiance is not all about moisturizing; its about clarity. How clear and bright the skin is. Now you guys know how I feel about skin bleaching… this isn’t about that. Its about correcting skin pigmentation and normalizing complexion.I have to admit, my biggest skin bug-bear is my patchy neck; I’m lucky enough as a lady of color not to suffer from dark circles, but I do have areas of inconstancy on my face… upper lip, neck and old scarring from eczema. Unlike radiant creams, this doesn’t just camouflage and cover darker areas; Its active properties targets darker areas and lifts them – creating balance on the face. I think Make-up, BB creams and highlighters do wonders in providing you with instant glowing glory… but in the long run? You need to invest in a serum thats going to solve the imperfections, not hide them. Need a cheaper alternative? Try Burt’s Bees Radiance Serum, or A’kin Cellular Radiance Serum.

Also guys and dolls, remember to treat skin from within: Eat well, drink well, get some sleep and supplement if needed. I am taking full advantage of Holland & Barrett‘s Penny Sale, picking up:

  • Cod Liver Oil Capsules
  • Sicilia Hair Skin and Nails with Silicon and Collogen
  • HRC Complexion Tablets

Here’s Lookin’ At Chu Kid….


La Minx


Hey Friends,

Hope you are all well?
It seems Spring has finally made a much welcomed appearance in old London Town – about freaking time! 
So I have come to the timely end of my “One Flick Kinda Chick” post, if you haven’t yet read the first two installments scroll down or click “previous” on the tab above this post. I really have enjoyed using Cult Classic movies as the stimuli to my outfits this month. It gave me an excuse to wear what most dare not, put a hoochy frock or two on, and have a bit of role play in my life. I enjoyed embodying all those crazy and outlandish characters – I also enjoyed the public reactions, the pervy ones less so. I still maintain my theory that everything was better in the 80’s and 90’s; films, fashion, music, travel costs, holiday fees and tax rates. However it appears that I’m not the only one reaching for that nostalgic wardrobe number every now and then. The high-street are killing it; every mannequin has a stupid beanie hat and string vest on. Chunky boots and batty-riding-fanny-skimming shorts on. Killing my damn vibe. Good job I like to skip through eras, I’m kinda over this whole – 1994: Lil’ Kim-when-she-used-to-date-Biggie look. Every chick aged 17-28 now looks the same: Beanie Hat – Check. Varsity Jacket – Check. High Waisted Denim Shorts – Check. Slogan-Bearing Oversized Tee – Check. Ali-G Chaps Chain – Check. Dr Martens – Check. I’m done. Over it. Roll on the next trend please?

So here’s what this weeks wardrobe had instore…

Edward Scissor Hands





I am in love with this dress. Although I am not a fan of anything too feminine, this studded (…and very ‘boobie’), faux-leather number from the Oh My Love Concession at Topshop is pretty awesome! As much as I love the idea of an all in one leather jumpsuit affair – I’m not a fan of uber-sweaty glandular areas. Fact.

I’m loving up-cycling and reinventing bits and bobs, like the bag chain being used as a belt, as well as the leather bolo-tie rope as a choker. I also saved £25 on achieving the Scissor Hands Stiletto nails by buying acrylic falsies on Ebay, then filing and painting them myself! Winning!

Hair Spray



Hairspray Group 

  • Dress, Louche at Joy
  • Belt, Accessorize
  • Tights Walford
  • Wedge Shoes, OFFICE 

I adore 1950’s hair do’s… so much so that I have perfected many-a-style! I promise to show you guys and dolls how its done on the next few beauty posts. Just need to fix my tripod! This matching dress and shoe combo is very Rockabilly. In summer I may dare to wear this dress without tights, perhaps with an open toe tan shoe? With a banana heel. Gotta love a banana heel! The dress is a little short however, a lot of Marylyn moments… *note to self do not wear a thong with this dress*

Show Girls



Showgirls group 

Ooooh how this outfit is verging on HOOOOOOOCHIE!

The double layering of Vintage Jackets, Tights and the addition of a Scarf hopefully illustrates to the public that I have some sense of modesty… well at least I hope so. If it helps your judgement, I did purposefully pull the Knitwear down a bit to showcase (my bosom) the epically embellished Bralette…. I swear! I also ‘upcycled’ my American Apparel Easy Jeans; as you loyal readers know, I have had them a few years now…. I have made them last as long as possible; re-dying them, re-hemming them, putting elastic in the waist (when I got a little tubby at Christmas), and sewing back on the button (that popped off due to over-eating at Christmas). However, the little slit in the leg soon transformed into something somewhat resembling what the almighty Hulk-could-have-done-it hole… that sadly couldn’t be patched back up. I blame all the drop-down-low-like-a-hoe dancing I was doing. Don’t judge me. So out the scissors came and “walla” there you have it, denim shorts. Winning. Winning indeed damn it.

In other news, I had my first modeling gig last week for a lush Vintage Boutique called Cats Eyes at Asos MarketPlace! Check out my little stint and all of the rare gems the Boutique has to offer! I also appeared in a feature film being directed by one of my best friends, she is in a group called Boadicea Ladies and she also has her own agency by the name of FreeYourStyle Collective; she makes some awesome short films with her sister! Check out “The Sohawon Sisters” on YouTube. I promise its a great watch!

Until next week homies!

Better believe it took me double the usual time to type this post with these damn Stiletto foolish nails! Where’s the acetone at?


La Minx


Hey beautiful people…

Ever since the realisation hit me, that the eyebrows we are initially born with can drastically change and alter throughout life, I have since witnessed and experienced a catalogue of eye-brow disasters. These withessed accounts have been an eye-opener (pun intended). Whether at school, at home, at work or on Earth generally, there were valuable lessons to be learnt, unforgettable mistakes to be made and an accolade of mishaps to crouch down, hold my stomach and roll on the floor laughing to. Some observations have been out of this world.
School was the best place to observe the evolution of brows from the 90’s to far past the millennium; during such time, I note that I discovered far more about the poetic injustice of tweezers, than I did about anything else in any other tutorial. Click this link to see some serious examples of eyebrow FAILS.

cher lloyd red dress

Some of my findings are as follows:
Sperm brows – The first part of the brow resembles a tadpoles head and the end its tail.
Slugs – Thick undefined brows with a clear start and end, but a fuzzy in between.
Shy-brows – The entire eyebrow is effectively shaven off and a faint line drawn in its place.
Thin line between love and hate – 80’s eyebrows – Whereby a person draws a defined, strong and straight line over faint and undefined eyebrows. Never understood this.
Pepper & Spice – The eyebrow is over plucked both on top and below – but it’s always in the inbetween bespeakled phase – this brow is never left to fully grow back, but is also never, ever plucked in time.
The Shape of My Art – Geometrical shaped eyebrows that look as if they have been illustrated with a protractor and/or any other instrument of mathematic stationary: 45• lines, open-end triangles and semi circles are just some of the crazy shapes out there.
Face Off – The front part of the eyebrow is plucked – so it looks like both brows are sliding off the forehead and slowly but surely down the cheeks.
Bert and Ernie – The brows are shaped unevenly, one is heavy, dark, and extremely close to the other which is smaller, lighter and appears to be running away from its sibling.
Permanent Marker/ Tattoo Did This To You? – Tattooed brows, who the hell thought of this idea and why? Too many Xfactor contestants have suffered this drastic brow replacement surgery!

Let me not forget the Snake Brows – In the early 2000’s it was perfectly acceptable to pluck and shave your eyebrows so that they resemble road markings; Waves, chevrons and chicane graphics served as a template to many unfortunate ghetto-fabolous teenagers. Can I add that guys were doing this too? Just the other day I saw a guy in Shorditch trying to revive this stupid look. This look should NEVER EVER be revived – even if Rhianna decides next year that it’s cool. Road markings on your face indicate to me, that I should jump in a car and drive across your face, stop, reverse, and drive over it again. And again until you get the message that this is unacceptable.
Ahhh… And breathe.

I myself can not bear to look back at pictures of my fourteen year old self. I mean, why did I think it was okay to pluck my eyebrows so much, that I should appear permanently surprised. And why didn’t anyone tell me that clown brows were just not okay?

You live and learn…

Here is an explanation/guideline as to how, when shaping, the brow should be defined. This right-angle triangle is a beauty guru’s rule of thumb. This image illustrates where the brow should naturally start and end, the height the brows should sit at, and where the arch should rise and fall. This is all in correlation with the other features on your face – use this guide and your brows will sit naturally with the rest of your face, and not an unnatural floating entity in its own world!

So here is a little step-by-step picto-tutorial from me to you, on how to achieve a basic defined brow.
MAC Brow Stylo in Spiked
MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer in NW40
MAC Slanted Brush 208
REVLON Concealer Brush

Step 1: Here are my brows, one is already at stage 3, the other is bare, freshly waxed, brushed and ready for Step 2.
Eyebrow Start

Step 2: Take the Pencil, and draw an outline of your brow – create a natural shape that is slightly larger than your natural brow, use small strokes to edge.
Eyebrow Edge

Step 3: Fill this space using stokes to colour the space in, go along gradually, in the same direction of your brow hairs.
Eyebrow Fill

Step 4: Neaten this using a concealer and concealer brush, to define the outline, correct your arch and fade out any mistakes.
Eyebrow Concealer

Step 5: Outline your brow with the concealer, using just the tip of the brush head, the line needs to be close to edge of the pencil line.
Eyebrow Neaten

Step 6: Once neat, start to blend/work this line into the skin – don’t leave an obvious light line unless thats the look you wish to go for!
Eyebrow Blend

Step 7: Use the Angled brush, or a spare hard edged eye-shadow brush, to blend in the eyebrow pencil. The shading should graduate, and the brow should be less defined at the start of the brow for a more natural look.

Step 8: Go in and correct any mistakes, once satisfied continue with the rest of your foundation regime!
*Please note, I have conciously chosen to begin the start of my brow earlier than “recommended” as I have a broad nose, so if I were to start the brow at its true point – my nostril – My brows would appear to be falling off of my face!
Eyebrow End

I do hope this helps! Use as a guide, not as a rule…

Now you know my secret 🙂


La Minx

Hey Bloggettes, Followers and Friends…

I’ve at last got a makeup artist booked for the wedding. A Chanel specialist at that – she’s my good friend Melodie and her artwork is amazing. Although I was planning to do my make up myself, (a DIY attempt that hopefully wouldn’t translate to “Destroy It Yourself”) Melodie pleasantly (and thankfully) offered up her services…It’s very apt that I have a makeup artist who happens to also be a Chanel specialist; my wedding is due to possess vintage undertones with a sharp monochrome outline, so, Chanel is very apt indeed.

My obsession with all things black and white began when at age nine or ten, I witnessed my first Tim Burton movie; Edward Scissor Hands. I simply loved Edwards gaunt white face and dark cherry bitten lips, his all-black leather catsuit, with the high Victorian neckline, he simply was too cool.
I fell in love with this unlovable creature and his death-by-touch scissor hands.
Nightmare Before Christmas changed my life shortly afterwards; I wanted to be part of Burton’s desaturated world filled with Elfman minor-toned songs and quirky stop-motion animation.
So, promptly at age 21, I took the opportunity after my sister moved out (we once shared a room) and my fiancé moved in, to transform my room with French Gray painted walls, a black and white bed, black voille curtains and just about monochrome everything else….
My little Jack teddy still to this day sits proudly on my black pillows, nestled in amongst the furry cushions and throws that make my room feel like the blacked out Savoy Hotel.
Bit by bit more quirky titbits joined the brigade; Thomas Sabo Jewellery box, a black baroque-style containers for makeup, a monochrome striped pencil holder for my make-up tools. Pretty boxes for letters, canvases to decorate the walls, underbed storage for shoes…the list goes on…
Everything in my room has a home and a perfect place, and everything serves a purpose!
room view 2
room view 3
room view 1
room view 4

I was traumatised as a child – growing up in a family full of hoarders; My nana used to have so much stuff, I used to imagine I was in a game of crystal maze – whilst travelling from room to room! As I matured into adulthood, I had a growing distaste for clutter and the habit of possessing too much stuff.
Clothes banks became my hobby and storage boxes became my friends; OCD had settled into my nature…
However, in the last year or so, I have accumulated a shameful amount of beauty products. The inner girly-girl in me is fighting to get out of my slightly androgynous exterior. Lipsticks, blushers, skin care ranges have begun dominating my domains. …
Room View 6
room view 5
Makeup 3
My stuff has now started creeping its way into the bathroom, even if I subtract the Mr’s bits and bobs – yes, he has been converted also, my man needs to look after his skin and hair, especially with the wedding coming up… Can’t have no dry-hands-close-up-shots of him slipping on the wedding band, onto my elegant, conveniently manicured and moisturized hands – his hands looking all arid and sh*t…Those pictures are for life after all… I still can not get away from the blatant fact, that now, after many years of criticizing my hoarder relatives… I admittedly, have *said as quiet as a mouse* have *head bows* too much stuff

Confession over!


La Minx


Hey there Bloggettes and Followers,

Dry skin has been the bane of my life ever since I emerged from the moisture of the womb…

…By the age of three, I was a fully fledged reptile, who was permanently cocooned in all manners of steroid creams to keep the shedding at bay. Itching, scratching, itching, scratching… It was like the Crusty The Clown insert on an episode of The Simpsons! Doctors tried to hold me down and bind my hands, whilst all I wanted to do was innocently rip my skin off. I solemly recall how they persisted with injecting me, smothering me and force feeding me all types of medication. Trials of this drug, trials of that drug, I felt like a white rabbit in a labortory. They were at war with my skin; Each and every time, eczema won the battle.
“Scabby Sarah”, became my name for a short stint in primary school. “Scaly Sarah”, was a not-so-endearing alternative. I found solace in Rachel; a fellow reptile, as well as Jade, who had a flakey – or as cruel kids put it, “snowy” scalp. We could have formed a band. Seriously, we could have made some mad percussive beats with the insane amount of scratching between us!
The only kid that got it worse than us was “Scummy Stacy”, who was permanently infested with nits. Poor girl.

A few decades later and I can hesitantly say that I only get the occasional erosion of my limbs. My scalp still looks like the mountains of Alaska but I cover this well. Well, I try to at least. Well, noone has shaken a bottle of head and shoulders at me…
At least to my face!

So I decided to give my legs a total-moisture-lock-in last night; I had enough of waking up to dry skin flakes on my black bed sheets. Trust me, if like me you have sexy black bed sheets, you will understand. Out came the Cling Film. Out came the Organic Shea Butter. I threw in some pure Argan Oil for good measure.
All these fancy-smanshy creams and fuddy-duddy lotions, that smell like heaven and beyond, do absolutely nothing for my dry-as-a-bone legs. My hands, face and arms are sensually soft – body balms from Lush, and Palmers Cocoa Butter do just the trick. Its like magic. But for my legs however, I need the heavy duty, armed forces shizzle.

Call of duty List:

Fushi Virgin Argan Oil

*Argan Oil is great for both skin and hair.. Take note people.. Read the rest of this entry »

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