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Hey Boos’

I am a firm believer in the saying; “Do it once, do it right”. I tend to like to apply this quote just about anywhere to just about anything. Hair, make-up, a task at work (albeit that somehow doing tasks a multitude of times to suit multiple opinions seems to be the option chosen by all but me) relationships and buying clothing, gifts and accessories. You see, it is all to easy to fail, especially if you act in haste.

‘Fail to prepare and prepare to fail”.Unknown

My friends know I am the last in and last out. Punctuality is not my middle name. I habitually wait until the last possible minute for anything. However, I seem to have the last laugh because I avoid awkward moments such as: Arriving to a party first out of every invitee and waiting, trying not to look like a loner, trying not to spend all the nights petty cash on ‘waiting time drinks’, trying to avoid that creepy-seedy-looking guy at the bar waiting for you whilst you’re waiting for them. In fact, my time-keeping may be shit, but I never waste time; I have a nose for arriving just when its hot, or buying things at the best possible moment. Black-Friday is my middle name. Also, I do things once. Get things done. Do shit right… right at the last moment but right. So whilst all y’all early birds have too much time for error. I leave no room for it. It is a skill I shall so audaciously declare.

Yes I am that irritating Ebay Bidder that ‘oh-so-happens’ to get in there when there is 4sec to go on the clock. Thats right you silly early bidders whom wrench the price up with your all-too-eager premature ejaculatory selves! One lucky I managed to bag was indeed this awesome Leather Borg number. Yes I have posted about it before, but I thought I would brag post about it and another last min find; RiRi’s Talk That Talk Lipstick for Mac. I managed on the day, as I do, to casually rock into Harvey Nic’s London while there were just two left. I bought both. It was 9.32am on the launch day. *Two steps like a boss*.

Haters gone hate right?






But sometimes I am just plain old fast-assed. I decided, when there was far too much excess month at the end of my paycheck, that I would be quick footed and buy a ‘DUPE’ version of the Vagabond Boot. The Libby Heeled Lace-Up in OFFICE carried a weighty price-tag of £100. Despite knowing that an OFFICE-in-house-resident friend of mine would score me a discount – if I waited until the following month. I was eager-beager and wandered into Topshop, carelessly stumbled across their Astrix Platform Lace-up Boot and somehow, they ended up leaving the store with me for a snippit of the price of the Vagabond’s.

Astrix Topshop

Topshop’s Astrix Lace-up Boot


Office’s Vagabond Libby Lace-up Boot

… And after a few weeks of wearing the poorly-crafted-clonks, they ended up leaving me with a snippit of my baby toes intact. I HAVE NEVER HAD A CORN IN MY LIFE! *whimpers*

These boots and the dodgy inside seams, narrow fit and rough faux-leather upper, left my toes hanging onto my feet for dear life! Lordy!

So onto Ebay they went as quickly as I got them in the first place, and onto OFFICE I ventured, in tandem with my bestie-stroke-footwear-hookup …and into my bag went the Vagabonds. At long last.

And this my friends, is why I am not fast-assed.

Buy once, buy right. – Modedelaminx

Thats my quote for life.

La Minx



Hey Boo’s!

You know that I am a sucker for a good old bit of Plaid right? I don’t think I will ever surpass my love for Tartan. Or a bit of a ‘tarting’ in general  perhaps.

The Numero Uno ‘FashFag’ at the Office, dropped the, “…and… *Snaps fingers and raises eyebrow* the looks a little Alicia Siverstone, Clueless?” In response to my outfit.


Teaches me not to wear brand clothing in the Office where I work. He is the PR Top Dog-Stroke-Top-Bitch… and I’m the newbie. Part and parcel of the pecking order I guess. I should have retorted, “Bitch I’m Fabulous! And its Stacy Dash – Thanks –

But I didn’t. Great witty comebacks never spring to mind in time do they?

I love him really, he is so fierce, and he saunters (literally dips the hips and clicks) around the office as if he can prevent everyone else’s shit from stinking. Ever-fragrant and fabulous, ever-singing and cracking the funniest jokes – and he effortlessly digs at and disses  everyone else in the office. Its like Joan Rivers’ Fashion Police but live and up close. In the end he proclaimed, “Oh and sugar, for the record I LOVE the look. Rockin’ the Plaid, I love a bit of Plaid…” I bet you do, lovely bit of Tart’ on a wee Johnny Scotsman, sans undergarments. Love you too boo.




  • Levi’s Denim Jacket, Vintage
  • Lace Crop Top, River Island
  • Strapless Bra, Wonderbra
  • Plaid Skirt, American Apparel
  • Maroon Belt, American Apparel
  • Fishnet Tights, Accessorize
  • Pop Socks, Accessorize
  • Buckle Shoe Boots, Office Shoes
  • Studded Holdall, River Island
  • Watch, Diesel

And it doesn’t stop there, anything with a Tartan lining is also something I hopelessly love. So a good old Vintage Harrington Jacket is a wardrobe staple.  A little This Is England 86. Awesome Brit FlickUsually, I team this up with some Skinny Ankle Grazers, but I thought I would glam the look up with some high-waisted shorts. I have worn the crop top again to demonstrate how you can get more out of fashion basics and inserts. I think a Bowling Tee would look cute also, or a Striped Sleeveless number.





  • Harrington Jacket, Vintage
  • High-Waisted Shorts, American Apparel
  • Hair Clip, American Apparel
  • Brogues, Dr Martens
  • Necklace and Earrings, Accessorize  

I love Vintage Brit Landmarks, Icons and novelty thrifty finds. I’m also a big fan of British Motor Vehicals, like the Mini. My mother had a Mini back in the 90s. Such a cute little car, we were like a family of clowns piling into it. She crashed it into Safeways. She was always a shit driver and I damn the examiner whoever passed her. Nostalgic love for a Mini though, despite the trauma of the 90’s…. so one day – if ever I pass my driving test (I’m sure vehicle-retardation is genetic) I would totally have a little Mini on my wishlist.

So I have also decided to throw a little tutorial into this post, I know that I need to get onto this Video Blogging Band Wagon, but I want to do my first video in October to mark the 1 year anniversary of my blog! So you guys will have to deal with a pictorial for now.

Its all about Ombre lips, yes thats right, put the peroxide down, we are so over the Dip-Dye hair. I’ve always loved ombre lips. However, they weren’t always cool or done very well back in the day. My first memory of this trend was of all the Nigerian women in church: Black Lipliner + Gold Frosted Lipstick. All so effortlessly NOT blended. However, I give credit to trend-setters where credit is due, regardless of the tax I apply for ultimate failure to blend or chose harmonic shades. So I dedicate this pictorial to you Mama Africa.


Blog Ombre Lip final

1. Prep Lips by exfoliating and moisturising. Lush Cosmetics do a great Sugar Scrub in Bubblegum. I moisturise with Fushi Shea Butter.

2. Line Lips with a Deep Plum Lip Liner, I have gone with Vino from MAC Cosmetics.

3. Fill Outside edges of Lips with a Burgundy or Deep Red or Purple Lipstick, I have opted to go with Diva from MAC Cosmetics.

4. Fill the inner crease of lips with a solid Red, I have chosen RiriWoo from MAC Cosmetics to finish this look.

5. Now Weeeeerk’!

Go Get Em Gals!


La Minx


Ay Yo Homies and Hoochies

I have been following the fantastic progress of Mr Gugu & Miss Go for sometime now, it is wonderful to witness their success in the ever over-saturated retail market. Their carefully planned launch coincided nicely with the nod to 90s trend that has taken the fashion world by storm. As you guys know – I love 90s fashion – yet Gugu is doing something different, innovative even. Yeah, printed Tees and leggings have been done for sometime now, but the witty graphic prints Gugu have radicalized offer something different. Careful and concise thought has been put into what crazy graphics, materials and hues are used – the psychedelic nature of them make it evident that the graphic designers were possibly on a seriously funky trip when pulling the collection together. Everything about them screams, “we get high all day e’rrrry day…” From the various emotions one can experience during a serious trip – ecstasy, hyperactivity, sloth-mode, invincibility, enlightenment, anger, lust and the post high munchies… not that I know much about getting high – The only high I know is the experience of 8 inch platforms. Brownie Scout Promise.

Mr Gugu Miss Go

So I took a stroll down to the beloved Box Park where my precious Mr Gugu were taking over the joint in a popup shop. There I met two lovely Gugu Gals, who entertained me with their passion and knowledge of the brand. I walked out with a massive grin on my face, two fab Gugu buys and money in my pocket after receiving a generous discount – Blog-Love Perks! I returned later for a Gugu party where I was showered with free drinks and music, and goodtimes with newfound Gugu friends and fellow Gugu Gagas. A saturday well spent me thinks!

Logo Box


Mr Gugu Main

Mr Gugu

Galaxy Cat Print Tank, Mr Gugu & Miss Go

Satin Bomber Jacket, American Apparel

Lace Pinup Bustier Bra, H&M

Cycling Shorts Tights, Jonathan Aston

Fishnet Hold Ups, Ann Summers

Platform Boots, OFFICE

Rubber Watch, Diesel

SnapBack Cap, Supreme

Chain, Vintage Versace

I’m so dope-boy-fresh! So at the moment I am really loving bomber jackets and fishnets! I have to admit I have grown a fondness for cycling shorts. I am now a self-proclaimed Gym Bunny… As cellulite had begun to not only monopolise my body and stake permanent residency, but once fat was evicted last year successfully, in a fit of revenge it returned earlier this year and bought along with it siblings, parents, lodgers and squatters. You know how the body has that thing called Muscle Memory? Well fat has memory too, it remembers exactly where it last was on your body, like the Terminator its chilling motto is, “I’ll be back…” So back to the gym I go, to make fat cry through sweat and tears. More sweat less tears, the idea of fat dripping from eyes is scary and unwarranted.

Twerkin’ is also a good fat-buster, no doubt the makers of Insanity and Zumba will release a TwerkSonic DVD collection soon to be sold on Bid TV and other wholesale channels… I am cringing in advance.




La Minx


Hey Boo’s!

How have you been coping in this heat?

I have been doing just fine – usually the sun makes me incredibly grouchy… itchy, irritable, sweaty, dehydrated, dry-haired. arid-skinned and sloth-like are my usual summer statuses… This year something is seemingly different…So much newness has entered my life recently; at last I have an awesome new dream job, newfound friends, new hair, new clothes new attitude… y’all get the picture.

But it hasn’t been entirely. “out with the old”… Sure I put most of my closet on ebay, and most of my life in the recycling! However, all what is cherished has remained close at heart… but my oh my have I had some fun and frolics in this sun… I am literally like a cat in heat – all these happy hormones have bought a smile to many-a-face! Alley-cat maneuvers…

I finally managed to get some of the stuff on that wish list I posted a while back. One of those things were the absolutely ‘grunge-geous’ Cut-Out Buckle Boot Shoe from OFFICE! I have added them to my ever-growing alternative shoe collection. Alternative is how I describe nearly all my shoes; I don’t really posses anything relatively normal, acceptable or anything that abides with the common workplaces Health & Safety code.  Just like new shoes I like to break new audiences in gradually; week by week my shoes have gotten kookier and kookier… sometimes I really do think I am pushing it. I wore fishnet stockings last week with leather shorts in what can only be described as something only Rhianna is allowed to wear – Sure, I got some surprised-yet-intrigued looks, but I thought, “F*ck it” – by next year everyone will be wearing this shit and it will be perfectly acceptable!

Just like it seems to be acceptable for girls aged 12 and above to wear what can only be described as denim thongs – the (ass)cheek of them calling them Vintage Denim Shorts. Ass hanging out all over the place. Nah, it’s not a good look. I willl be ranting about this in a later post. I will call it, “Who Likes Short Shorts?”

Meanwhile, today I wanted to let the inner PussyCat roam free by wearing this amazing Penguin cut printed back vest dress. My dear friend Kendra J Horsburgh made this awesome number. I love the black front, dipped hem and fluro leopard printed back. Its like all my favourite things rolled into one.

I have styled this with my new OFFICE Shoe Boots and my new Diesel Watch.

Penguin Full

Penguin Kendra

Penguin Face

Also I am finally loving my new hair. I had a non-so-great hair cuts a few months back. I allowed myself to stupidly get talked into layering my just-grown-out-of-layers-only-need-a-trim tresses. BIG MISTAKE. The hairdresser at Shine on The Green was amazing, but I really wasn’t happy with the cut. Too choppy. I never learn. So I wore it curly for what seemed like an eternity to disguise the ‘chop-suey’ hairdo. I then got a Brazillian Blowdry, courtesy of my bestie, and yesterday had an awesome ‘Wash, Cut and Blowdry’ by a gentleman called Douglas at my local Coiffeurs Buzz Cuts….. wait for it….. for a bargain £23.00! Cant go wrong with that price. So I am super-happy with my silky tresses. The layers have been leveled out and my hair is back on its journey to waist length!

Hope you guys are all still jammin’ it up in the sun…

Make the best of it UK!


La Minx

Hey Y’all

Happy Springtime! (If you live in the Northern Hemisphere of course) I thought I would post a quick cheeky post on this mighty fine day. Now, I don’t want to talk too soon but this is AWESOME weather for London – not sure how the rest of the UK is hanging, in fact, sorry Midlands, Wales, Ireland and “Up North” I don’t actually care, because for a hot minute, it IS actually a HOT minute down here – Gloat much?

I spent this afternoon in the park with my best friend Abigail and her dog Onyx, and all of the other doggies Onyx engaged with, rolled around the grass with etc… I thought it was an ideal occasion to whip my self-waxed legs out (you know times are hard when you can only afford to do the “essential areas”), and my recently trim tum too (been putting the hours in the gym – not quite there but I’ve come a long way trust me). The weather was perfect to showcase my new Topshop Fringed Lace Vest… The back of it is pretty amazing, and the fringing is just the right length and material, plus its festival season so its very apt right about now…(funk soul brothers…)

Who likes short shorts?

Park Times 1

Park Times 3

Park Times 2

Park Times 5

Park Times 4

So thats all for now folks, I’m off to have an iced-lolly and you know that computers and frozen treats don’t mix…

Excuses, excuses,


La Minx


Hey Friends,

Hope you are all well?
It seems Spring has finally made a much welcomed appearance in old London Town – about freaking time! 
So I have come to the timely end of my “One Flick Kinda Chick” post, if you haven’t yet read the first two installments scroll down or click “previous” on the tab above this post. I really have enjoyed using Cult Classic movies as the stimuli to my outfits this month. It gave me an excuse to wear what most dare not, put a hoochy frock or two on, and have a bit of role play in my life. I enjoyed embodying all those crazy and outlandish characters – I also enjoyed the public reactions, the pervy ones less so. I still maintain my theory that everything was better in the 80’s and 90’s; films, fashion, music, travel costs, holiday fees and tax rates. However it appears that I’m not the only one reaching for that nostalgic wardrobe number every now and then. The high-street are killing it; every mannequin has a stupid beanie hat and string vest on. Chunky boots and batty-riding-fanny-skimming shorts on. Killing my damn vibe. Good job I like to skip through eras, I’m kinda over this whole – 1994: Lil’ Kim-when-she-used-to-date-Biggie look. Every chick aged 17-28 now looks the same: Beanie Hat – Check. Varsity Jacket – Check. High Waisted Denim Shorts – Check. Slogan-Bearing Oversized Tee – Check. Ali-G Chaps Chain – Check. Dr Martens – Check. I’m done. Over it. Roll on the next trend please?

So here’s what this weeks wardrobe had instore…

Edward Scissor Hands





I am in love with this dress. Although I am not a fan of anything too feminine, this studded (…and very ‘boobie’), faux-leather number from the Oh My Love Concession at Topshop is pretty awesome! As much as I love the idea of an all in one leather jumpsuit affair – I’m not a fan of uber-sweaty glandular areas. Fact.

I’m loving up-cycling and reinventing bits and bobs, like the bag chain being used as a belt, as well as the leather bolo-tie rope as a choker. I also saved £25 on achieving the Scissor Hands Stiletto nails by buying acrylic falsies on Ebay, then filing and painting them myself! Winning!

Hair Spray



Hairspray Group 

  • Dress, Louche at Joy
  • Belt, Accessorize
  • Tights Walford
  • Wedge Shoes, OFFICE 

I adore 1950’s hair do’s… so much so that I have perfected many-a-style! I promise to show you guys and dolls how its done on the next few beauty posts. Just need to fix my tripod! This matching dress and shoe combo is very Rockabilly. In summer I may dare to wear this dress without tights, perhaps with an open toe tan shoe? With a banana heel. Gotta love a banana heel! The dress is a little short however, a lot of Marylyn moments… *note to self do not wear a thong with this dress*

Show Girls



Showgirls group 

Ooooh how this outfit is verging on HOOOOOOOCHIE!

The double layering of Vintage Jackets, Tights and the addition of a Scarf hopefully illustrates to the public that I have some sense of modesty… well at least I hope so. If it helps your judgement, I did purposefully pull the Knitwear down a bit to showcase (my bosom) the epically embellished Bralette…. I swear! I also ‘upcycled’ my American Apparel Easy Jeans; as you loyal readers know, I have had them a few years now…. I have made them last as long as possible; re-dying them, re-hemming them, putting elastic in the waist (when I got a little tubby at Christmas), and sewing back on the button (that popped off due to over-eating at Christmas). However, the little slit in the leg soon transformed into something somewhat resembling what the almighty Hulk-could-have-done-it hole… that sadly couldn’t be patched back up. I blame all the drop-down-low-like-a-hoe dancing I was doing. Don’t judge me. So out the scissors came and “walla” there you have it, denim shorts. Winning. Winning indeed damn it.

In other news, I had my first modeling gig last week for a lush Vintage Boutique called Cats Eyes at Asos MarketPlace! Check out my little stint and all of the rare gems the Boutique has to offer! I also appeared in a feature film being directed by one of my best friends, she is in a group called Boadicea Ladies and she also has her own agency by the name of FreeYourStyle Collective; she makes some awesome short films with her sister! Check out “The Sohawon Sisters” on YouTube. I promise its a great watch!

Until next week homies!

Better believe it took me double the usual time to type this post with these damn Stiletto foolish nails! Where’s the acetone at?


La Minx



I went out for a family meal for my birthday, in a lovely Caribbean Restaurant in Exmouth Market, called Cottons’. Superb food and great service I must say! My taste-buds were officially tantalized… Even my mother enjoyed it, and she is a complete and utter Caribbean food snob, ’cause she thinks her Curry Goat is the best in London – her nose was left a little out of joint following her belly being filled rather nicely. Her quiet clearing of her plate spelled that out pretty clearly. Yes, we had the Curried Goat – typical I know – well, more like the Goat had us, as we simply couldn’t move afterwards. Sadly I didn’t take any photos of my meal with my “proper camera”, I took some on my phone, but thats one of the first generation Iphones (I refuse to invest into any more Iphones until like the Iphone 10), which is as much use photographically as a green screen…

I channelled Lady Mary Poppins, for this outting, but gave my look a little 80’s twist!

Levi’s Sherpa Acid Wash Jacket, Vintage
Black & White Beetle Juice Shirt, Urban Outfitters
Chiffon Maxi Skirt, American Apparel
Burgundy Pearl Knit Scarf, Zara
Doctors Bag, Urban Outfitters
Dolly Bear Necklace, River Island
Earrings, Aldo
Lipstick, YSL

I didn’t get to get my Lace-Up Witch Boots from OFFICE, into the frame *boo* so I’d suggest wearing a studded black Witch Boot from OFFICE, these boots are quite amazing, might I add?
They are current SS13 for OFFICE.
All that was missing from this get up, was a Little Black Parasol Umbrella, but it wasn’t raining that night, and I have a bad habit of losing umbrellas just about anywhere and everywhere!

If you live in London and get to check out Cottons Restaurant, please do, I promise you and your stomach will not be disappointed! I’ve grabbed these images from Google Images for you… (no copyright infringement intended, promise.)

Cottons, Exmouth Market, Islington, London.

“Rememba I told ya”


La Minx


In the words of Rita Ora, “RIP to the {jeans} you used to be…Dem days are over”…

About a year ago, I got these FABULOUS pair of American Apparel Easy Jeans. I straight up refused to give in to the super shiny Disco Pant. My ass is big enough, and I figured, it really didn’t need a reflector attached to it… and then light bounced around the room from it either. Despite the fact that I love Disco music, I like high waisted bottoms, I don’t mind Jessie J, and I am pretty much attracted to anything shiny (magpie-phillia); I was not gonna part with my hard-earned cash for them. Well, not too easily anyway. I had already purchased the American Apparel Riding Pant, with its gorgeous ribbed material (gotta love a bit of ribbing?) and super-cute knee pads. What’s more is, I didn’t pay full price for them… (Long live the ‘Selfridges Spectacular’ event!)

Anyone considered remotely “booty-licious“, will understand the dramas of calculating the ASS-WAIST-THIGH RATIO: In terms of denim, you usually have to compromise one or the other. NOT WITH THE AMERICAN APPAREL RIDING PANT! They are the answer. Seriously, they’re super-snug on the waist, with room to breath/fart/wiggle in the back, as well as being slender on the thighs… Where have they been all my life? Once I discovered what all the hype was about the American Apparel pants, I was addicted. I wanted them all – in every colour. My bank account (as well as my conscience), sadly didn’t agree. One evening, after surfing away carefree on the internet, my good old friend Ebay, made my dreams come true: “Genuine A.A Easy Jeans”, in Denim Blue for £37! I couldn’t resist.. a few moments later and I was committing to buy… The cost of the P&P from the U.S.A didn’t deter me, neither did the 9 day delivery wait for my beloved high waisted stretch jeans. I even brazenly purchased a second pair in black! (Well, why wait twice eh?).

American Apparel Easy Jeans

One year on, and several wears later, my jeans were officially rinsed. Literally. Black pair was Grey. Blue pair was a colour I can’t quite pin-point; but they certainly were no longer that beautiful Indigo present when they first slipped through my letterbox… #HUFF.

I need a new pair of jeans!

Look at them! Stretched out. Saggy-batty. Washed out…with those tell-tale, streaky-stretch-marked-because-I-gave-into-that-Nigella-inner-thigh-wibble-crap.
So out with the old in with the new.
There I was, about to commit them to a new life in the charity clothes bin, when my best friend Abi showed off her new “freshly-dyed, freshly-tailored”, jeans. There she was, cooly cat-walking across the room in what looked like brand new jeans. There I was, all open-mouthed, “What kinda witchcraft, heeby-geeby?… I-just-saw-them cast-offs-last-week-and-they-didn’t-look-like-that!”. She replied, in that i’m-about-to-change-yo’ life way she has a habit of, “Dylon”.

Dylon + Machine + Old Jeans = NEW JEANS! (…Plus a trip to the tailors to fix that sag-out crotch).

So, how about I got me some new jeans?

I tell you no lies… Even my cat agrees, and she’s coincidentally named Blue!

Dylon. Who woulda figured?

La Minx


Hello friends,

Great Old Britain only possesses two seasons: Hot and Cold. Forget the romantic ideas of Spring, the mirage of Summer and the pasttimes of Autumn; they don’t exist! The only true season, for this collection of lands, is Winter. Cold ass Winter, that appears to be here already.

The only thing I love about Winter, aside from the many festivities it brings, is my Winter wardrobe…(As well as getting that Nigella, “inner thigh wibble” and not having to feel bad about it). My Winter wardrobe consists of numerous coats and jackets that protect me against the Hades of Winter Blunderland, whilst remaining cool enough to cope during the commute to work, suffering the Hell that I know of as the London Underground.

So friends, as I said before, I like to take an eco stance with Fashion. There is no such thing as “Throw away Fashion”, in my wardrobe. Hail no. Just much loved pieces that travel with me, throughout the “seasons”. Beloved pieces, like my Vintage Levi’s Denim Jacket and my Suit Waterproof Coat. Both these two items were purchased by me, for my Mr. Man. Both these pieces were stolen, by me, from my Mr. Man, as I loved them too much to let him alone dazzle within their fabric embrace. Both jackets were intended for late summer evening use, but they were just too damn good to serve a 6 month sentence in the prison of the hallway cupboard, enduring having the life sucked from their ‘fabricy’ souls by the Dyson, whimpering under the ‘plasticy’ retraints of the Space Bag. So, I had to come up with a plan…

The Denim provided warmth but little rain protection, and the Waterproof provided rain protection, but its flimsy material little warmth… then it hit me. My “Ureeeka!” moment. The moment when I realised, that I should combine the two and wear them both… simultaneously.

Bam! There you have it. Eco fashion worn with style and practicality.

The Double Dare

Coat, Suit by Urban Outfitters
Vintage Denim Jacket, Levi’s
Striped Body. American Apparel
Double Layered Chiffon Maxi Skirt, American Apparel
Pop Socks, Marks & Spencer’s
Ankle Boots, Bertie
Ear Stretchers, 81st Generation
Watch, Casio
Ring, Accessorize
“Belgrave Place” Nail Polish, Nails Inc
“Chilli” Lipstick, MAC Cosmetics

Dared to Defy Again

Coat, Suit by Urban Outfitters
Vintage Denim Jacket, Levi’s
Cat Print Shirt, Zara
Collar Clips, Ebay
Earrings, Freedom at Topshop
Black Easy Jean, American Apparel
Pop Socks, Marks & Spencer’s
“Leroy” Bowling Shoes, OFFICE
“Belgrave Place” Nail Polish, Nails Inc
“Up the Amp” Lipstick, MAC Cosmetics


Le Tient Touch Eclat Foundation in “BD70”, YSL
Studio Sculpt Concealer in NW40, MAC Cosmetics
Posey Tint Cheek Stain, Benifit
Matte Blusher in “FEVER” and “RAISIN”, MAC Cosmetics
Eyebrow Pencil in “SPIKED”, MAC Cosmetics
Lipstick in “UP THE AMP”, MAC Cosmetics
Blot Powder in “Dark”, MAC Cosmetics

So here is the face I had on today. I have to say I really, really like the Le Tient Touch Eclat Foundation in “BD70” by YSL. It has a sheer coverage and great consistency. I wanted to hate it as it is a bit pricey for me, but I really do like it. I was a bit dubious as when I approached the counter there were only a few shades for the darker complexion; brown, browner, not-so-brown and as-brown-as-you-are-gonna-get-right-now-you-should-be-lucky-YSL-are-catering-for-you-brown-people brown. They do have real item titles like BD70 and B09, but I’m pretty sure the B stands for Brown. Anywho, it has a matte finish and sets quick and leaves the skin with a Satin feel. So in a nutshell (they’re brown too) its good. I felt as if I was cheating on my beloved MAC “Studio Fix” Foundation. However, as of late my skin seems to be going through an oily phase, and quite frankly, its a fairly oily foundation. I set all my foundation with MAC Blot Powder, using a Kabuki Brush.

I adore MAC‘s Eyebrow Pencil/Stylo in “Spiked”. Lancome do a great Waxed Eyebrow Pencil, that stays put forever, but MAC’s one is a bit more within my budget. It’s really build-able and the nimble roll up tip has great precision, so you can outline and fill, in minute sweeps. I then take an Angled Brush and line just beneath and above my eyebrows with MAC‘s Studio Sculpt Concealer, this gives them definition and tidies up any mistakes, (its also great for hiding those just-creeping-through hairs that f-up your brow line!). I contoured my cheeks lightly using MAC‘s Powder Blush in “Raisin” and added a sweep of colour with “Fever”. I cheated a little and added some warmth to my cheeks with the “Posey Tint” Stain from Benifit, I blotted it on with a Foundation Brush before the foundation set fully. Lastly I finished off with a bright Lipstick; “Up the Amp” by MAC is a lovely amplified satin that goes on easily and stay on forever. Use Kiehl’s Lip Balm to nourish lips beforehand!


I hate the idea of buying a really expensive plain shirt just because it has a detail on the collar. Vamp up an old shirt that’s hanging unloved in your ‘drobe by adding on these cheap little collar clips, I found mine on Ebay, there are loads of sellers and you could get a pair for as little as £3.00!

Be Smart. Be Eco. Be One Step Ahead!


La Minx


ShuGar Love

A blog about the Heart & all there is to Love.

Alina's Scentsy Scents

scentsy scents, an honest opinion about fragrances

Rainey on a Sunny day

Live like it's heaven on earth!

The Evolution of Eloquence

Improving the English language one letter at a time

Espen Stenersrød- From Pen To Heart

Jack Kerouac with a scent of Henry Vaughn


UK Beauty, Books & Lifestyle Blog

Vamp It Up Manchester

The urban lifestyle blog for cruelty free beauty, edgy style and veggie reviews


achromania is new fashion line collection,launching in May 2013

What Kate Did

A London Lifestyle, Food and Beauty Blog

Children's Book Reviews

Landre Photography


Another Fashion & Beauty Blog...


By Amy Purfield-Clark

real ultimate waffe (.net)

FACT: mdawaffes are mammals

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