Hey guys, 

Firstly, apologies for yet another hiatus. My short little Christmas break turned easily into a month long dormancy. Super Sorry. 

Work was pretty grim over Christmas; long hours, people jumping infront of trains causing massive delays to my commutes and traumatising sleeps in the most budget hotel ever… By the time I finally had some time off, I found myself run down with some super-bug. Pissed. So my Christmas wasn’t exactly, “Deck the halls with bells and holly”… it was more “Minx, the red nosed and infected.”

Then there was New Year’s, which usually means too much alcohol consumption by me and everyone around me. Last year, my fiance and I got so drunk, we had to take it in turns to throw up in the toilet – carefully choreographed regurgitation. At one point – and I’m sure I will remember this well into our old age – he (selfishly and coldly) pushed me out of the way and I had to resort to the bathroom sink. He, later that week, was the unlucky one who had to unblock that very sink. Revenge is sweet. 

This NYE was a much more chilled affair, a friends PJ party was relaxed, cosy, full of fun and we even got a full cooked breakfast the next morning. No throwing up whatsoever.

That hiatus from vomit didn’t last long though, as last night I booked a pleasant little bar called Barrio North for the big quarter-of-a-century, its a wonderful little South Americana Vintage dig, with an awesome caravan boothe. As my friends flowed through the door, the drinks flowed to my liver – after a few hours I was finished, and so was that so-called hiatus. Sorry Barrio, that SPEW that probably didn’t reach the basin and most likely decorated your colourful walls, was my gift to you… For making absolutely lethal (yet amazing) cocktails and having the audacity to have an extended “happy-hour” which my friends casually abused.



All I can say is that until the wee hours of the morning, I cried out for my mother, to God, to a Doctor or frankly anyone who could help my poor intestines from packing up and leaving my toxic and saturated body. After some good old OJ and a fried egg, some painkillers, lots of sleep and some attention from mummy, I am now able to legibly type again. 


So Happy New Year, and a Merry-Belated Christmas Friends, Bloggettes and Followers..

Got some great posts coming up!

Oh and remember to drink responsibly…



La Minx