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Folks it’s been a whole year today since Modedelaminx first graced your screens.

I can’t believe how time has flown, probably because so very much has happened in my life in such a tight frame. I mean, I’ve changed jobs, been unemployed, had a legal battle, was halfway up the aisle, bought a wedding dress, lost love, gained loves, been flat broke, lived as a hermit, traveled, and found a shit load of awesome clothes.
To be frank it’s been tough. Too tough to even talk about on the old blog until now really I guess. I’ve had a bit of a staccato writing rhythm due to all of the above. However, I must add all of the above has also flavoured my writing; enabled me to be frank, be bold, witty and given me a “fuck it” stance on how I deliver my daily events. I must say, all in all I have enjoyed blogging; it has well and truly acted as a crutch to my recently crippled optimism and general outlook in life. Why? Perhaps because I find it so difficult to talk on a one-to-one personal level nowadays *cue awkward silence* …because when so much of you is worn on your sleeve, you leave yourself open and vulnerable to humiliation, critique and disappointment. Not always – openness can be rewarding also; it can introduce those foreign to honesty to a sense of truthfulness I suppose. Not forgetting to mention, a lot of the events have been awfully hard to pinpoint cause or effect, yet on reflection are direct causes and effects of each other – each sad event a variable in an equation of ultimate misfortune.
Not all bad over here though… A whole new world has opened following the ibis I fell into by chance – with it has come friends, contacts, pleasure, joy, entertainment and above all STYLE. Like a butterfly I am emerging from this shit-coated cocoon and spreading those once-crippled wings.
Thank you fellow bloggers, followers, friends, and the stalker I now appear to have (when dates go seriously wrong).

You have given me LIFE

Happy Birthday Modedelaminx

You filthy thing you

Watch this space for a whole dose if FW13 style and beauty madness!

La Minx



Happy Sunny Sunday!

So the Black Pound is well and truly now a recognised form of currency. Just like the Pink Pound for the ladies, Grey Pound for the oldies and Rainbow Pound for the liberated…

50 Shades of Brown?

Finally, the make-up industry has woken up to the fact that women of colour spend a fair few bob on hair and beauty; relaxers, weaves and Uber expensive (and extensive) trips to the hairdressers have made Moguls millions… billions even! Surprised? Watch the Documentary, “Good Hair” by Chris Rock and you will be enlightened by the world of crazy black hair contests, lightening creams, creamy-crack-relaxers and the art of gluing hair onto your head that belongs to someone, somewhere half-way across the world.

MAC Cosmetics and Bobbi Brown have been coining in on the Black Pound for a over a decade, and MaybelinesDream Matte Mousse was the first foundation advertised on British screens for women of colour, sure, we only got one colour – being the obvious ‘Cocoa’ – but it was a start. A start that paved the way of the brown brick road to girls like me actually wearing a foundation that near enough matched the colour of the correct side of my hand. 2011 saw the counters of Chanel, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Laura Mercier, Nars, Illamasqua, Giorgio Armani proudly displaying darker shades, the ‘High Street’ brands joined the aptly coined “Carnival of Colour”, Rimmel, L’oreal, Max Factor, The Body Shop, Sleek and even BootsNo.7 have begun to service little brown bottles of love. Sure, there is a while to go, but the industry has come so far. There is now competition and more importantly choice in the market, as well as rising stars having a moment in the spotlight like Joan Smalls, thanks to the Estee Lauder Skin Tone Illuminator campaign.

Joan Smalls Estee Lauder

And after the foundation came the BB cream…

So the original Mac Daddy Beauty Balm – Clarins’ Beauty Flash Balm – somewhat (in the commercial retail UK Market) gave birth to BB (beauty or blemish balm) madness. Every advert is now about BB creams, and now CC (colour correction) creams have also taken over the networks intermission schedules. Im waiting for an A-Z of beauty creams to plague us all… I’ve already started thinking about what the abbreviations will stand for. But lets face it, all alphabetical jibes aside – EVERY WOMAN NEEDS A BB CREAM.

The Beautiful Iman now has launched an awesome little range of BB creams for darker complexions with IMAN Cosmetics.


I was sent two shades to try from the BB range: Earth Deep and Earth Medium. I reckoned that I would be (as usual) awkwardly inbetween shades but Earth Medium was pretty much spot on; It definitely has the dewy consistency of a BB cream, but has the colour match properties of a foundation; very strong pigment, and this BB cream did even the darker areas of my face. There are six shades available, Sand Light, Sand Medium, Clay Medium, Clay Deep and Earth Medium and Earth Deep.


Although I don’t like my face being too shiny, I did want this IMAN BB Cream to replace a moisturizer – as the two shouldn’t be used in conjunction. Unless you want your face to appear to be melting off of course.I swept some loose powder over my face just to take the sheen down a tad. The SPF 15 is an added bonus, women of colour tend not to think about sun protection. Yeah I said it. I love the sun, but suffer from heat rash and eczema, I also want everlasting youth or at least the appearance of it, so having a healthy relationship with the sun is important.

The other bonus is, the coverage; although sheer, its perfect for that everyday look, you know, that “Oh radiant? Me? I just rolled out of bed looking this good without having to slap on inches of foundation…” look. So I will certainly be packing this in my holiday bag. Sun Cream, Foundation and Moisturizer all in one! More space for hair stuff yay! Although I found I really had to work-in the product (unlike other glide on/glide off BB’s), I found that once dry, the product didn’t transfer onto my hand, my pillow, my Iphone, other peoples cheeks or rub off onto the cats! Result!

Me pictured with IMAN BB Cream in Earth Medium




I am definitely a Happy (Lindt Chocolate) Bunny.

Now the retail price is a little high end at $20 (£14), but it is IMAN after all ladies. It is also a BB cream catered for women of colour too… there are some other high end, lower end and mid price-point choices from Smashbox, Gosh, Sleek and Maybeline… however the shade variety market-wide is a little limited/diminutive. So until the rest of the industry catches up with a product good enough to rival IMANS, y’all know what y’all need to do!


La Minx


Hey beautiful people…

Ever since the realisation hit me, that the eyebrows we are initially born with can drastically change and alter throughout life, I have since witnessed and experienced a catalogue of eye-brow disasters. These withessed accounts have been an eye-opener (pun intended). Whether at school, at home, at work or on Earth generally, there were valuable lessons to be learnt, unforgettable mistakes to be made and an accolade of mishaps to crouch down, hold my stomach and roll on the floor laughing to. Some observations have been out of this world.
School was the best place to observe the evolution of brows from the 90’s to far past the millennium; during such time, I note that I discovered far more about the poetic injustice of tweezers, than I did about anything else in any other tutorial. Click this link to see some serious examples of eyebrow FAILS.

cher lloyd red dress

Some of my findings are as follows:
Sperm brows – The first part of the brow resembles a tadpoles head and the end its tail.
Slugs – Thick undefined brows with a clear start and end, but a fuzzy in between.
Shy-brows – The entire eyebrow is effectively shaven off and a faint line drawn in its place.
Thin line between love and hate – 80’s eyebrows – Whereby a person draws a defined, strong and straight line over faint and undefined eyebrows. Never understood this.
Pepper & Spice – The eyebrow is over plucked both on top and below – but it’s always in the inbetween bespeakled phase – this brow is never left to fully grow back, but is also never, ever plucked in time.
The Shape of My Art – Geometrical shaped eyebrows that look as if they have been illustrated with a protractor and/or any other instrument of mathematic stationary: 45• lines, open-end triangles and semi circles are just some of the crazy shapes out there.
Face Off – The front part of the eyebrow is plucked – so it looks like both brows are sliding off the forehead and slowly but surely down the cheeks.
Bert and Ernie – The brows are shaped unevenly, one is heavy, dark, and extremely close to the other which is smaller, lighter and appears to be running away from its sibling.
Permanent Marker/ Tattoo Did This To You? – Tattooed brows, who the hell thought of this idea and why? Too many Xfactor contestants have suffered this drastic brow replacement surgery!

Let me not forget the Snake Brows – In the early 2000’s it was perfectly acceptable to pluck and shave your eyebrows so that they resemble road markings; Waves, chevrons and chicane graphics served as a template to many unfortunate ghetto-fabolous teenagers. Can I add that guys were doing this too? Just the other day I saw a guy in Shorditch trying to revive this stupid look. This look should NEVER EVER be revived – even if Rhianna decides next year that it’s cool. Road markings on your face indicate to me, that I should jump in a car and drive across your face, stop, reverse, and drive over it again. And again until you get the message that this is unacceptable.
Ahhh… And breathe.

I myself can not bear to look back at pictures of my fourteen year old self. I mean, why did I think it was okay to pluck my eyebrows so much, that I should appear permanently surprised. And why didn’t anyone tell me that clown brows were just not okay?

You live and learn…

Here is an explanation/guideline as to how, when shaping, the brow should be defined. This right-angle triangle is a beauty guru’s rule of thumb. This image illustrates where the brow should naturally start and end, the height the brows should sit at, and where the arch should rise and fall. This is all in correlation with the other features on your face – use this guide and your brows will sit naturally with the rest of your face, and not an unnatural floating entity in its own world!

So here is a little step-by-step picto-tutorial from me to you, on how to achieve a basic defined brow.
MAC Brow Stylo in Spiked
MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer in NW40
MAC Slanted Brush 208
REVLON Concealer Brush

Step 1: Here are my brows, one is already at stage 3, the other is bare, freshly waxed, brushed and ready for Step 2.
Eyebrow Start

Step 2: Take the Pencil, and draw an outline of your brow – create a natural shape that is slightly larger than your natural brow, use small strokes to edge.
Eyebrow Edge

Step 3: Fill this space using stokes to colour the space in, go along gradually, in the same direction of your brow hairs.
Eyebrow Fill

Step 4: Neaten this using a concealer and concealer brush, to define the outline, correct your arch and fade out any mistakes.
Eyebrow Concealer

Step 5: Outline your brow with the concealer, using just the tip of the brush head, the line needs to be close to edge of the pencil line.
Eyebrow Neaten

Step 6: Once neat, start to blend/work this line into the skin – don’t leave an obvious light line unless thats the look you wish to go for!
Eyebrow Blend

Step 7: Use the Angled brush, or a spare hard edged eye-shadow brush, to blend in the eyebrow pencil. The shading should graduate, and the brow should be less defined at the start of the brow for a more natural look.

Step 8: Go in and correct any mistakes, once satisfied continue with the rest of your foundation regime!
*Please note, I have conciously chosen to begin the start of my brow earlier than “recommended” as I have a broad nose, so if I were to start the brow at its true point – my nostril – My brows would appear to be falling off of my face!
Eyebrow End

I do hope this helps! Use as a guide, not as a rule…

Now you know my secret 🙂


La Minx

New Post!

Tips For Lips: Lickable Lipchitz..

La Minx

So I had a little hiatus from blogging. I’m sorry… Well no, I’m not entirely sorry, as I have a perfectly reasonable explanation. Before you assume, I didn’t have a major work overload. I wasn’t suffering from swine, bird, cow or man flu and I wasn’t just lazing around catching up on shit TV. In all honesty I was at church. Bowing my head before the Father.. Setting a date for my wedding!!!

Yes – I have finally done it! I’ve been engaged to my Beau for almost 3 years already! I have finally pulled my finger out of whatever orifice it was supposedly lingering in and took a leap of faith. Literally, jumping, leaping and schrreeeching like a banchee in church. Oh God, I am on cloud nine. So excited I could pee myself a little! Although, I’m really not sure why people say “a little.” Really and truly, you can not just pee yourself a little, like there is a flow option. Incontinence or not you would fully piss yourself, especially if you are a female. Guys for some reason, are able to control their stream, like its some faucet; they can have a rhythm and velocity; a percussive staccato even? Enough of that.

So I am getting married next summer… It will be a vintage affair, to pay homage to my late Grandparents who came to Britain in the 50’s. Very fitting. It will be a very fine day indeed. I have already been busily-bee-like hovering about, getting tit-bits sorted for the big day!

So there. A perfectly honourable explanation as to why I have been absent to you dear friends and followers… So I’m back. And it’s cold. Colder than I remember last year. Darker that it was last year at 5pm and I am not impressed to be shivering my little ass off already. Not impressed at all. So I thought I’d keep you ladies warm ad cosy with my Top 10 lickable Autumn shades of lipstick!

Reds, Roses, Corals and Berries, will be sure to keep you toasty this Autumn/Winter “Oh-twelve”. Whatever your complexion, there will be a shade – I can bet my bottom (dollar) on it, for you…

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet, La Ravissante:

A Gorgeous Coral. Matt Finish, Medium Coverage. Undertones of Beige and Rosey Highlights.

Mac, Up The Amp:

High Pitched Plum. Sheen finish, Full Coverage. Undertones of Pop Pink and Blue Highlights. Creamy.

Mac, Quick Sizzle:

Full-on Barbie Pink. Matt Finish, Full Coverage. Undertones of Pure Pink. Fluro.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture, No. 202:

True Red Rose. Matte Finish. Medium- Full Coverage. Undertones of Pink.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats, No 14:

Orange Red. Satin Finish. Medium Coverage. Undertones of Orange/Yellow. Creamy.

Mac, Ruby Woo:

Blue-Red. Matte Finish. Super Matte. Full Coverage. Undertones of Blue. Chalky.

Mac, Chilli:

An Autumn Brown-Orange. Matte Finish. Full Coverage. Undertones of Orange.

Mac, Diva:

Vintage Burgundy-Vino. Matte Finish. Full Coverage. Undertones of Plum/Pink.

Mac, Rebel:

Pinky-Purple-Berry. Satin Finish. Medium Coverage. Undertones of Pink and Blue.

Mac, Cyber:

Seriously, Gothic Blue – Black. Satin Finish. Medium – Full Coverage. Undertones of Purple. Creamy.

My Favorite? Has to be the newbie: YSL Rouge Pur Couture, Les Mats, No.14… It is a sumptuous Rouge. I would especially recommend it to those whom are new to Red Lipstick. Apply directly from the tube or with a brush. Great payoff and has a dewy-like feeling, even though it is a matte finish. It really isn’t drying, so those who find Mac’s Ruby Woo far too chalky; this is a great dupe. My other newest baby is my first Chanel Lipstick; although it is a bit on the pricer side, it is a wonderful Coral. Much better than my Mac, Force Of Love, which I found had an awful consistency – far too much white pigment and it just sat within the crevices of my lips. No matter what condition! So the Chanel baby is a keeper for sure. It comes in a beautiful case; with a click-push-open feature! The packaging is also gorgeous; Black and Gold (I feel a song coming on…) It really does shout “Luxury”. This Matte Chanel lipstick has numerous siblings of different shades. Im very interested to try out the La Somtueuse, another Rouge-Rose… and their L’Equise could give Mac’s Diva a run for its money! The Best-Seller, La Facinate is a must-have Red. Better put it on your Christmas wish-list ladies…

Oh Chanel!

Until then,

Stay Toasty..

La Minx


Hello friends,

Great Old Britain only possesses two seasons: Hot and Cold. Forget the romantic ideas of Spring, the mirage of Summer and the pasttimes of Autumn; they don’t exist! The only true season, for this collection of lands, is Winter. Cold ass Winter, that appears to be here already.

The only thing I love about Winter, aside from the many festivities it brings, is my Winter wardrobe…(As well as getting that Nigella, “inner thigh wibble” and not having to feel bad about it). My Winter wardrobe consists of numerous coats and jackets that protect me against the Hades of Winter Blunderland, whilst remaining cool enough to cope during the commute to work, suffering the Hell that I know of as the London Underground.

So friends, as I said before, I like to take an eco stance with Fashion. There is no such thing as “Throw away Fashion”, in my wardrobe. Hail no. Just much loved pieces that travel with me, throughout the “seasons”. Beloved pieces, like my Vintage Levi’s Denim Jacket and my Suit Waterproof Coat. Both these two items were purchased by me, for my Mr. Man. Both these pieces were stolen, by me, from my Mr. Man, as I loved them too much to let him alone dazzle within their fabric embrace. Both jackets were intended for late summer evening use, but they were just too damn good to serve a 6 month sentence in the prison of the hallway cupboard, enduring having the life sucked from their ‘fabricy’ souls by the Dyson, whimpering under the ‘plasticy’ retraints of the Space Bag. So, I had to come up with a plan…

The Denim provided warmth but little rain protection, and the Waterproof provided rain protection, but its flimsy material little warmth… then it hit me. My “Ureeeka!” moment. The moment when I realised, that I should combine the two and wear them both… simultaneously.

Bam! There you have it. Eco fashion worn with style and practicality.

The Double Dare

Coat, Suit by Urban Outfitters
Vintage Denim Jacket, Levi’s
Striped Body. American Apparel
Double Layered Chiffon Maxi Skirt, American Apparel
Pop Socks, Marks & Spencer’s
Ankle Boots, Bertie
Ear Stretchers, 81st Generation
Watch, Casio
Ring, Accessorize
“Belgrave Place” Nail Polish, Nails Inc
“Chilli” Lipstick, MAC Cosmetics

Dared to Defy Again

Coat, Suit by Urban Outfitters
Vintage Denim Jacket, Levi’s
Cat Print Shirt, Zara
Collar Clips, Ebay
Earrings, Freedom at Topshop
Black Easy Jean, American Apparel
Pop Socks, Marks & Spencer’s
“Leroy” Bowling Shoes, OFFICE
“Belgrave Place” Nail Polish, Nails Inc
“Up the Amp” Lipstick, MAC Cosmetics


Le Tient Touch Eclat Foundation in “BD70”, YSL
Studio Sculpt Concealer in NW40, MAC Cosmetics
Posey Tint Cheek Stain, Benifit
Matte Blusher in “FEVER” and “RAISIN”, MAC Cosmetics
Eyebrow Pencil in “SPIKED”, MAC Cosmetics
Lipstick in “UP THE AMP”, MAC Cosmetics
Blot Powder in “Dark”, MAC Cosmetics

So here is the face I had on today. I have to say I really, really like the Le Tient Touch Eclat Foundation in “BD70” by YSL. It has a sheer coverage and great consistency. I wanted to hate it as it is a bit pricey for me, but I really do like it. I was a bit dubious as when I approached the counter there were only a few shades for the darker complexion; brown, browner, not-so-brown and as-brown-as-you-are-gonna-get-right-now-you-should-be-lucky-YSL-are-catering-for-you-brown-people brown. They do have real item titles like BD70 and B09, but I’m pretty sure the B stands for Brown. Anywho, it has a matte finish and sets quick and leaves the skin with a Satin feel. So in a nutshell (they’re brown too) its good. I felt as if I was cheating on my beloved MAC “Studio Fix” Foundation. However, as of late my skin seems to be going through an oily phase, and quite frankly, its a fairly oily foundation. I set all my foundation with MAC Blot Powder, using a Kabuki Brush.

I adore MAC‘s Eyebrow Pencil/Stylo in “Spiked”. Lancome do a great Waxed Eyebrow Pencil, that stays put forever, but MAC’s one is a bit more within my budget. It’s really build-able and the nimble roll up tip has great precision, so you can outline and fill, in minute sweeps. I then take an Angled Brush and line just beneath and above my eyebrows with MAC‘s Studio Sculpt Concealer, this gives them definition and tidies up any mistakes, (its also great for hiding those just-creeping-through hairs that f-up your brow line!). I contoured my cheeks lightly using MAC‘s Powder Blush in “Raisin” and added a sweep of colour with “Fever”. I cheated a little and added some warmth to my cheeks with the “Posey Tint” Stain from Benifit, I blotted it on with a Foundation Brush before the foundation set fully. Lastly I finished off with a bright Lipstick; “Up the Amp” by MAC is a lovely amplified satin that goes on easily and stay on forever. Use Kiehl’s Lip Balm to nourish lips beforehand!


I hate the idea of buying a really expensive plain shirt just because it has a detail on the collar. Vamp up an old shirt that’s hanging unloved in your ‘drobe by adding on these cheap little collar clips, I found mine on Ebay, there are loads of sellers and you could get a pair for as little as £3.00!

Be Smart. Be Eco. Be One Step Ahead!


La Minx


So, after a terrible diet, face full of makeup and typical British weather, my face broke out. No, not out of my body, my face broke out in blemishes. Blemishes… Just one of the many, gross sounding words in the English dictionary; along with phlegm (f-lem), moist, snot and secrete.. (anyone see a theme developing here?)
Anyhow, so my face broke out on route back to the UK from Thailand! Whilst nosing around in Duty Free, I came across the Kiehl’s counter. I had previously purchased the AMAZING Kiehl’s Lip Balm, the best balm I have found in a long while (Lip care review coming soon). A lovely Kiehl’s assistant approached me and asked what I was looking for, and I mentioned my total-facial-freakout. She helpfully pointed me in the right direction and my eye was immeadiately drawn to the Kiehl’s Overnight Biological Skin Peel. Now… I am usually alarmed by products labled as “Facial Peels” and “Facial Whitening”, as I have read the controversial reviews.. I also recon that I would be the unlucky sod that wakes up the next day, after using such product, to find ALL OF MY SKIN on the pillow…

So, after expressing my concerns about loosing my entire face overnight to the Kiehl’s Skin Specialist, I was gently reassured with some scientific facts and ingredient listing blah blah.. ten minutes later, and I was sold!
So, forty quid or so poorer I left the counter, boarded my plane and journeyed home, looking forward to having a new face and a brighter tomorrow….

Keihl’s Overnight Peel

And I got just that! The specialist recommended that I use the product at night, two to three times a week. I found the product easy to express (it comes with a handy pump), and easy to apply as its got a great consistency. Although, I do feel it looks like semen, I figure that it thats all part of Kiehls authentic biological marketing strategy?… I am sure… Hey, they could have made it pink or yellow or green, but I guess, either-which-way, it would always look like body fluids… (discharge, mucus, anal leakage… the list is endless).

The next morning, my face was brighter. Glowing! As I am dark skinned, I, like many other “ethnics”, possess dark areas on my face; in particular, around my muzzle… Again, another word I do not like. Just above my lip, I have a darker pigmentation. It doesn’t bother me loads, but if I had a choice, I would want it lighter. Not skin bleaching lighter! Just light enough so that I don’t get asked, if I want my “upper lip threaded”, when I get my brows done.

After a whole week of use, my skin tone felt more even, and my pores had reduced dramatically. The breakout was managed after the first night, and by the second, my whole face felt softer and more radiant.

I would defo recommend this product. Its not on the cheap side, but if you think about it “price per application”, at 50ml – its definitely going to last you throughout the winter… BRRRRRRRRRR, *Shudders*.

Go get you some!

La Minx


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