I went out for a family meal for my birthday, in a lovely Caribbean Restaurant in Exmouth Market, called Cottons’. Superb food and great service I must say! My taste-buds were officially tantalized… Even my mother enjoyed it, and she is a complete and utter Caribbean food snob, ’cause she thinks her Curry Goat is the best in London – her nose was left a little out of joint following her belly being filled rather nicely. Her quiet clearing of her plate spelled that out pretty clearly. Yes, we had the Curried Goat – typical I know – well, more like the Goat had us, as we simply couldn’t move afterwards. Sadly I didn’t take any photos of my meal with my “proper camera”, I took some on my phone, but thats one of the first generation Iphones (I refuse to invest into any more Iphones until like the Iphone 10), which is as much use photographically as a green screen…

I channelled Lady Mary Poppins, for this outting, but gave my look a little 80’s twist!

Levi’s Sherpa Acid Wash Jacket, Vintage
Black & White Beetle Juice Shirt, Urban Outfitters
Chiffon Maxi Skirt, American Apparel
Burgundy Pearl Knit Scarf, Zara
Doctors Bag, Urban Outfitters
Dolly Bear Necklace, River Island
Earrings, Aldo
Lipstick, YSL

I didn’t get to get my Lace-Up Witch Boots from OFFICE, into the frame *boo* so I’d suggest wearing a studded black Witch Boot from OFFICE, these boots are quite amazing, might I add?
They are current SS13 for OFFICE.
All that was missing from this get up, was a Little Black Parasol Umbrella, but it wasn’t raining that night, and I have a bad habit of losing umbrellas just about anywhere and everywhere!

If you live in London and get to check out Cottons Restaurant, please do, I promise you and your stomach will not be disappointed! I’ve grabbed these images from Google Images for you… (no copyright infringement intended, promise.)

Cottons, Exmouth Market, Islington, London.

“Rememba I told ya”


La Minx