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About a few months back, I purchased this wonderful, tartan skirt/kilt from Ebay. It has a traditional Scottish plaid and has been embellished with these beau-ti-ful gold and grey marl vintage buttons. It was a genuinely super find for me, as I have been searching for a decent one for aaaages. The skirt was an absolute steal, considering I only paid £9 for it! Since then, I have lived in it, no lies. I was one of the only bidders of this rare Scottish Highland find, and I am chuffed with myself *said with a wide-brimmed grin* as it fits so well, and is super versatile! Not surprisingly, tartan is now a massive pattern to adorn this season, so it was a double-whammy buy: cheap and on trend…

So far, I have teamed it with a number of staples in my ‘drobe; graphic sweaters, preppy shirts and lace bodies for that needed touch of contrast. I like to have a mash-up of items that have a correlating thread running through; (see what I did here?) whether that be a pattern, era, texture or cut so the outfit all ties together.

With this post, what I really want to do is to inspire people to be economical with trends. Tartan just happens to be a MAJOR trend right now, with retailers such as River Island literally rinsing the fabric. I know a lot of you will be dubious as to buying into the tartan trend as fashion seems to move on so quickly (too quickly even). I know how much of a jar it is to buy something, make it look original (as everyone and anyone seems to have purchased the same thing) and make it wearable throughout the season… So, by being a little avant-garde here and there, you really can benefit from the “price per wear” theory.

So here are three ways, I have worn my “must have” tartan number…

Dramatic Highlander

Lace Collared Blouse, Asos
Turtle Neck Long Sleeve, (worn beneath), Uniqlo
Tartan Skirt, Vintage
Wolford Tights, Wolford
Nubuckle Platform Creeper, Deena & Ozzy
Tote Bag, Longchamp
Ring + Necklace, Accessorize
Earrings, Aldo
Rouge Pur Couture Matte Lipstick (no.204), YSL

Pop Tart(an)

Mickey Mouse Sweat Top, Topman
Silk Blouse, Vintage
Wolford Tights, Wolford
Canvas Rucksack, Riverisland
Wingtip Brogues, Dr Martens
Earrings, Handmade by-Louise
Spectacles, Gok Wan for Specsavers

Strict Traditions

Silk Blouse, Vintage
Tartan Skirt, Vintage
Wolford Tights, Wolford
Wingtip Brogues, Dr Martens
Ceramic Earrings, Handmade by-Louise
Diva Lipstick, MAC
Hampstead Gardens Nail Polish, Nails Inc
Velvet Bow Clip, American Apparel

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